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Profit Lance System or Ultimate Wealth Package?

Aug 17, 2007
The Profit Lance System and the Ultimate Wealth Package may first appear to be similar programs but in reality are quite different. The main difference is that the Profit Lance System provides an overwhelming amount of education that is useful beyond the network of sites that you get. The PL education can be used to build multiple streams of income within your first month using it.

The main difference is that when you buy the Ultimate Wealth Package you simply get a one page website. All this website does is make you an affiliate for the Ultimate Wealth Package and the materials simply tell you to go out and promote the course.

On the other hand the Profit Lance System supplies you with your own network of 15 websites. The important thing about PL is that each website that you get trains you in a specific internet marketing skill. Thus you make money while you learn methods that can be applied outside your PL hosted website network.

Profit Lance also has a very advanced user interface. You basically log in and the project manager guides you through each task that you need to complete per project. Using this PL feature you can stay focused and reach your goals quicker.

Many get rich quick schemes make up elaborate lies about how much money people are making and how simple it is. However, they do not provide people with the proper support and as a result they lose money.

This is not the case with the PL System since it follows a progression of training and implementing techniques. By the time you are ready to spend money you understand how to do it right and you will see results.

The other thing that separates PL from UWP is the quality of customer service. There are a slew of complaints against the ultimate wealth package ranging from malfunctioning websites to ignored refund requests.

So far the PL System has maintained a clean record with no registered complaints. Even though it is a much newer program than UWP it is clear that they are in it for the long haul and take care to meet all customer needs.

Overall the support, training, and ability to make money are greater in the PL System as apposed to the Ultimate Wealth Package. If you are serious about developing your ability to make money online you should start with the Profit Lance System.
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