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Is Google Dying? Their Pulse Is Getting Weaker

Aug 17, 2007
I have seen search engine stats from certain companies that are blowing Googles wistel at max volume, But trusted sites like Alexa are speaking a totally different story than the webmaster and seo sites. Get some facts here.

Before we get too far into this I want to show some results from search on Google and and take a real hard look at the results. For the most part you can get different results according to which data center you get and your IP address. With this noted, lets get started.

Our First target keyword phrase in mexia real estate, This is the small town in central Texas that Anna Nicole Smith is from. It only has a population of about 6 thousand residents and 20 thousand in the county and there are probably 12 to 14 real estate companies in the area that have web sites.

There are only 3 real estate sites in the top 10 that are actually local realtors. Trulia dot com, city-data , realestate.yahoo, realestate dot com are some of the top 10 listings. Most of these sites sell leads to local realtors and agents. So they are not giving the most quality results to their searchers.

This is the normal type of results across the country for autos, real estate, and even the local hair salon.

Google has made their algorithm so tough that you need a professional seo or seo team to keep ahead of the national companies. The average independent site owner has very limited options to get their sites to rank well in Google these days without paying big bucks.

Google is systematically dumping the little guy and selling out the population and small business owners on a local level and national levels also and it shows on sites that actually give un-biased results for traffic rankings.

Sites like webmaster world and SEO inc have been running massive campaigns to keep Google on the top of the charts in the populations and webmasters minds because they are making big bucks. Claiming that Google has almost 60% of the search market.

This may have been true a few years ago, but I have been watching Alexa and other traffic ranking sites for over 6 months now and Google is in a steady decline nationally and internationally.

Now let me point out what I think is the bias and reasoning for my thinking. Yahoo is Number one in the global top 500 and also domestically in the U.S.

If you mouse over the site info a box appears and tell you where searchers on yahoo also visit and most is within Yahoo, AOL ect. Now we look at Google site info link and they also visit webmaster world then Yahoo and MSN.

Why would people go from Google to Yahoo and MSN if they were finding what they want? I believe the answer is simple, Google is catering to national companies with their algorithm and the general public knows this. You can not find what you are looking for in Google because their algorithm is so complex.

Google has also caught a lot of flack for censoring videos of political nature by removing videos that are exposing politicians and the news media to the public.

My Belief is that Google is on the way out because the people will and are stopping the use of the popular search engine because of the way they are doing business.

I understand that search engines have to update their algorithms to keep spammers in check, But the bias is now noticeable to the general public and it is showing in their traffic rankings!
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