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Top Website Design-Major Breakthrough In Website Value

Aug 17, 2007
You have no idea about employing top website design strategy. If you did, what would your visitors say about your website? To focus a bit more, have any of your website visitors told you that your website provides excellent value?

Having a great price for your product is fine. But what would happen if the webmaster on the cyber corner decides to give away a product similar to yours as a bonus? Where would that leave you?

This article will explore whether your website is in fact providing value, does it show that visitors played a key role in its planning and how much say has your customer really had in your top website design techniques.

The problem is, if you had to fork out hundreds of dollars for a product, does that mean you purchased something of value? It definitely means you purchased something expensive! The reality is, a $7 step-by-step report could very easily take your business to the next level, thereby increasing its value.

Think about this, value is so much bigger than price. Price is really a small segment of the total picture of website value.

Clearly, website value is about:

1. great unique content
2. quality products
3. impeccable customer service
4. and well thought out bonuses.

I want you to think about the word feedback. What does it mean to you? Did you ask for feedback from your potential visitors in the planning stage of your website? Visitor feedback is absolutely critical. Visitor fingerprints or identifiers or even visitor qualifiers play a key role in top website design planning.

Did you know that most people do not remember names (domain names), but they always remember faces (website homepage). Picture this, a first time visitor lands on your website. Will that visitor remember if it was unique, different and friendly? This is were your initial website planning strategies come into play.

Have you noticed the slightest hint of your site being robotic? How about unfriendly? My question to you is this, has your potential visitors had any say whatsoever in the top website design techniques that you have employed?

Here is the bottom line, website value is fickle. Having said that, everyone knows you should not be overly concerned about it; especially if you cover your bases in the website planning process. A chief cornerstone though, is visitor feedback. Use surveys on your like minded sites to get feedback.

Give a gift after they give feedback. Get radical; give a gift before they give feedback. Yes, give a website landing gift. You can promise another upon completion of the survey. Do that and more, but get the feedback.

Now, let this sink in for a moment, website value, although subjective, is a necessary component of top website design strategies. At the end of the day though, certain fundamental elements must be present within your site design to at least give you a chance at success. However, the warmth of visitor feedback will add the value that is needed to take your website to a top ranking position.
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