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What Are The Greatest Registrars For Wholesale Dropshipping Domains?

Aug 17, 2007
Can you feel the boom? Not the wholesale dropshipping business rush- the DOT Com boom coming in racing speed again! There is a big difference today in our 2007 year and 12 years ago when domains where drowning in a speeding frenzy. With today competition, online and offline- there is really no excuse not to purchase a DOT Com domain name these days.

There are many gurus online confirming and predicting what is already starting to happening our online marketplace- a DOT Com boom. Many are confirming it because of the growth per minute that websites are being launched every 5 minutes and domain names are being snatched up from registrars like if Tazmania and Speedy Gonzales were the new cartoons to hit our TV. I must add another amazing fact that the Internet, 10-12 years ago is not in any way the same thing it has become today.

If you are thinking of owning an e-commerce wholesale dropshipping business, getting more stability and security out of business, has never been better. Back in 1995 the people who market on the net did not have the option of keyword advertising- keyword advertising was totally extinct from virtual real estate landlord giants like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There was no single way to test your current e-commerce wholesale business to see if you had sales in order to get valuable feedback.

Sure, some guy may pop-in and say it existed before Google, Yahoo and MSN appear, but they were visibly for them and a few people, but virtually not existent to the millions of people that we have searching Google, Yahoo and MSN in less than a second!

Keyword advertising monetized the online marketing community like never before. Yesterday you have an incredible high ratio of business risk, today you have virtually a bit if not totally not existent as with less than $100.00 we can purchase an e-commerce script and start re-selling the latest Sony PLASMA TV and have everything up and running in less than 24hrs when sources and trust have been in check.

While yesterday online small businesses online were in many a total flop, today many of those people that were a decade ago online, are now in the top of their passive income hierarchy thanks to all the virtual Real Estate domain names that they managed to purchase years ago with proven businesses that managed to profit from start to maturity stage.

These are one of the thousand and one reasons you should purchase a domain name in a trusted registrar. My favorite registrars are Namecheap and Godaddy. While I would not recommend Godaddy because of their TOS agreement to marketers who own optin newsletters, for sleeping well at night I now happen to go with Namecheap company no matter if they as of now do not offer 24hrs customer service.

While you do not have to be the next Kevin Ham, guy that notifies having more than 300,000 domain names in their portfolio and $300,000,000 Empire, for starters, you only need about $10.00 and even way less depending on the registrar you desire to get such peace of wholesale dropshipping business up and running for a whole year! Now may that be affordable for your future?
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