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Summertime Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Summer is a fun time of year. The sun is shining, the beaches are warm, the family can go on vacation. It's a time a lot of people think of as poor for marketing online.

But there are plenty of opportunities to market successfully during the summer. People do still get online. They do still shop. They do still need information. Even if your best sales times are at other times of the year, there is no excuse to give up on your business during the summer months.

Summer is of course the classic time for weddings, with June being the starring month. While much of the planning takes place year round, there are still plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of if any of your products or services can be helpful to people about to get married... or as they begin their lives together after.

Summer is full of holidays you can celebrate on your site, making recommendations appropriate to each holiday. You can start off with Memorial Day (not quite summer, but close enough), and lead up to the Fourth of July. Put up a flag and think about ways to celebrate our country through your business.

Father's Day is another great holiday to celebrate. Think of things Dads would enjoy. Or honor your own father with a discount for all customers.

August is just plain hot in many areas, and rather lacking in holidays. But there's back to school right around the corner, and that's a time many families spend a lot of money on school needs. Anything you sell that students might need, this would be the time to focus on. Fortunately, that's just about anything. Students may need school supplies, clothing, furniture and so forth. Parents may need help paying for college (or maybe the student needs the help) and ways to help their children succeed.

Alternatively, take advantage of the lack of major holidays and make your own theme. Perhaps you want to focus on cooling off from summer's heat. Or maybe taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Christmas in July has been done and probably won't impress anyone, so come up with your own concepts.

Do not allow summer's heat to melt down your creativity. Get out there and find ways to make the most of the summer. Life does not just stop because people head out to the beach or on vacation. Neither should your home business. Your competition might just be distracted by summer's fun while you're getting things done.
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Stephanie Foster blogs at http://www.aspectsofhomebusiness.com/blog/ about running a home business. For more home business marketing tips, go to her site.
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