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Death to Old School MLM Practices - Keeping your Dollars Safe When You Are Most Vulnerable

Aug 17, 2007
New Home Businesses are being started at an ever increasing rate. There are many trends converging creating unprecedented growth in the Home Business Arena. Every day tens of thousands of new people come on the internet looking for the answer to their dreams or solutions to their problems. The reason you choose to start a Home Based Business in the first place will have a great impact on your chances of success.

The reasons people get started looking at and ultimately get started with a Home Based business essentially falls into 2 categories, people moving AWAY from a situation or moving TOWARDS a situation.

Samples of AWAY from Situations
1)Declining opportunity in the corporate sector
2)Reduction in management positions made possible by technology
3)Jobs being shipped overseas,
4)Corporate burnout
5)Higher demands on the job for less pay
6)Low Quality of Life because of time lost commuting, etc.
7)Personal problem with a boss or co-workers

Samples of TOWARD Situations
1)The Internet Explosion - getting your share
2)Globalization of our economy with the Internet and cheap telecom
3)Opportunity to dramatically increase income for low investment
4)Dreams of Riches or Get Rich Quick beliefs
5)Finding inner satisfaction by helping others with the product of choice
6)Work at Home Life Style
7)Time Freedom
8)Financial Freedom

These are just a short list of why people get involved in Home Based Free Enterprise.

The old model for the Marketer (Salesperson) who is selling a particular opportunity is to find a prospect's PAIN, or the "Away From" reason. Even to this day, many Network Marketers believe that it is easier to keep squeezing the sore in a prospect to get them to take action than it is to actually inspire them.

Also people reacting and making decisions in their pain, are making the decisions based purely on emotions; creating a fertile environment for the "Old Game" predator type marketers and sales people.

In my own experience working literally with thousands of people that enrolled in a high dollar Direct Sales type business, was that those that started because of their pain, operated in their pain, and therefore became frustrated very easily. Who wants to do business with a frustrated business owner? Not too many people and as a result, the highest attrition rate comes from this group.

People that were seeking a better life and were moving TOWARD their goals and aspirations are far more coachable, trainable, and easier to work with. Many of them understand that the dream is worth working for. The only exception to this is the "Get Rich Quick" minded person (who generally is in dire straights moving away from a situation anyway).

With the proper care, true commitment to helping others, and technique, the consultant, problem solving type Home Business leader will help people put their pain behind them quickly and inspire them to move TOWARD their goals and dreams; even if it means creating one for them.

So be sure you are starting your home business for the right reasons. The right reasons are generally the TOWARD Reasons, not the AWAY reasons. Sure you can get motivated with the AWAY Reasons, but you need inspiration to succeed long term. Inspiration and purpose comes when you are moving at your goal instead of AWAY from something you don't like.

If you are looking at home businesses and your primary motivation or driving force is to move AWAY from a situation you just have to get away from, be sure you find the right person as you sponsor that is truly looking out for your best interest and not just their own. The easy way to test this is to enroll at the lowest level and see if that sponsor will still work with you. If they won't you know what game was being playing on you from the beginning.

They simply wanted you to take the Cheese!
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Jim Rivas spent
17 years owning traditional businesses, mostly selling big ticket
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