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How to Recognize Stupid MLM Prospects

Aug 17, 2007
Are your prospects not interested in your MLM business? It's not your fault. You just have not found the right prospect yet.

As a Manager at Kennedy Space Center Florida, I worked every day, to help the IAM Union work force improve and engage to make a difference. I knew their pain, because several years earlier, I was an hourly worker, for Space Shuttle Processing. I thought I could make a difference by helping others succeed at their job.

Every morning at 0645 I met with 22 Technicians, scattered around a large table, and described the power that they had to make a difference and help us improve our processes. It soon became clear that these Technicians were content with the status quo and did not intend to change.

I have other similar examples to explain why MLM is a very compelling industry for me. MLM business building is like a natural selection tool for identifying the people that you will work with.

What is a prospect? A prospect is a man or woman that you invited to your first presentation and called you back. The following list of prospects will help you save time and aggravation during the prospecting process.

The Antagonist: Her life objective is to debate what you tell her. She will even argue about time freedom. She thrives on conflict. She will continually question your business and will want to know all of the details about everything. She will waste your time asking questions about non Income Producing Activities (IPA). Caution, do not confuse the antagonist with a prospect who genuinely wants information.

The Great One: He will keep you on the phone as long as you will listen to his past accomplishments. He will try to set up more phone calls with you so he can tell you more about his past accomplishments. His objective is to tell you about all of his successes and accomplishments. Do not waste time with this prospect.

Befuddled: He is an introvert. He really does not know why he called you; he is not a good communicator. He does not have a goal or vision of what he wants. Sometimes you have to ask him if he is on the phone. He does not belong in network marketing.

Legend: You will meet numerous legends. He has done 20 deals, and can bring 30,000 people in your down line. He will ask you for a little front money, because his is so good that he thinks you should pay him. He has done it all he can tell you about all of his past experiences. If he was such a legend he would not be talking to you.

Systems Expert: He will listen to your story intently and sound very motivated, but then will shift the focus to internet or lead generation systems because that is what he is selling. If he starts talking about internet and lead generation systems, his objective is to sell you something.

Professor: She will ask you how fast the absorption rate is of your multivitamin. She will want to know how your compensation plan compares with company X and Y's compensation plan. She will have you on the phone for hours asking you for information related to non IPA's.

Chronic: He acts really excited. He calls you regularly and has lots of questions, but always has one more question before she will join. He may call you for up to a year. After he calls you three times, do not spend any more time with him.

Magician: She appears to be exactly what you are looking for. She is the master of disguise. He will sound very motivated on the phone and she will sign up to work with you. Then, you will never hear from her again.

Surfer: Sits in front of his computer on the internet and surfs websites 10 hours a day. She will spend all of his time surfing the net looking at different companies, lead generation systems, blogs, etc. that do not contribute to building his business. He is too busy surfing to recruit.

What do all stupid prospects have in common? They will not understand that they get paid for only two IPA's: Promoting their products and promoting their business.

What kind of person are you looking for? You are looking for the Passionately Curious person: He does not argue, he has honest questions, he does not brag, but just wants to know more about your company. He is a very ethical and rational person. He listens intently to you and gets to work. He is ethical, rational, and decent. Passionately Curious person will be in two types of life situations: He will hate his lifestyle or he will be broke. Another name for this person is the rainmaker, because he will make you very rich.
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