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Career Crisis? How To Avoid Panic And Come Out On Top!

Aug 17, 2007
It's a career crisis! It's panic time!

You're fired! Your boss is intolerable. You need more money. You break into a sweat Sunday night thinking about going back to work Monday morning. You've been passed over. You're being transferred. You're given an ultimatum. You're being phased out. You're out of work. Your business goes belly up.

It's almost too scary to contemplate. But there are 5 simple, easy steps you can take to avoid the panic and quickly put you on the road to healthy recovery.

1. Don't take it personally. I know, that's easy to say . . . and hard to do . . . when you're in career crisis mode. Look, there's always time to rehash what went wrong. But this is not that time.

2. Immediately do something to rebuild your confidence in yourself by acknowledging what you've got going for you . . . your capabilities, strengths and assets. You've lost none of those.

3. Start to rethink about yourself in marketing terms. Re-focus your life going forward. Think about what you bring to the table that can make a contribution to your current or future boss. And then develop a strategy for how you can sell yourself to him/her.

4. You do that by first explore your many skills and work style values. Write them down so you remember them when you have to present them live.

5. Learn how to conduct a guided dialogue with your current or prospective employer. Nothing positive is going to happen if you can't sit down and have a decent conversation. Demands don't work.

4. Develop a non-defensive posture in the face of objections. Get used to the fact the no one is interested in your bad feelings or your fascination with what went wrong and who's to blame. Have a simple, one sentence statement about your crisis and move on.

5. Examine all your career options. A career crisis is the time to really explore your potential. You have many talents that can be appealing in a number of different employment environments. Now's the time to start thinking outside the box!

Most of us tend to see ourselves moving ahead in one direction -- one career ladder. "Exploring options," on the other hand, means that we identify multiple career ladders across a spectrum of work environments.

It's like investing in the stock market.

Prudent investors recognize the value of diversification. It gives them investment options. And if one investment fails, they have the time and objectivity to study the situation. Then they can make wise decisions because, simultaneously, there are other investments working for them.

A carefully constructed investment portfolio is "failsafe" because each investment is deliberately chosen to support a growth strategy that covers all contingencies. And the wise investor reviews a portfolio and investment strategies routinely to make sure objectives are met. If conditions change, the portfolio can be adjusted.

Look. When you're faced with a career crisis it's a great time to move ahead!
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