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Internet Marketing Guide - It's a Back To Basics Approach

Aug 17, 2007
In the early years of the Internet, only large companies with broad name recognition could take advantage of the new medium's vast marketing potential. While search engines such as Google were still in their infancy, small businesses were mostly left out, and were forced to stick with traditional advertising methods, many of which were rapidly becoming obsolete.

For years, these trends have hurt small businesses. Today, however, it's becoming more and more possible for small businesses to regain marketing ground that was lost during the years in which the Internet was growing into the dynamic medium it is now.

These last few years have been nothing short of a revolution for online marketing of small businesses. This, of course, is an aspect of larger social and cultural shifts facilitated by the Internet. More than ever, the individual voice can achieve exposure equal to that of powerful corporations. Think of the ubiquitous blog phenomenon, as well as websites like YouTube and MySpace -- no voice is too small or insignificant to be heard around the globe.

As a small business owner, you may already have a sense of the changing times, and maybe you've added a blog to your website, on which you write about issues related to your business. If used well, this blog has pleased your regular, established customer base. This is great -- yet it does little toward building site traffic and expanding your market.

There are tons of Internet advertising techniques you already know about, and these are somewhat useful, but most of these techniques do little to earn the long-term trust and respect of new customers. If you're interested in reversing this trend in a creative way, you might want to try article marketing.

Article marketing is an innovative strategy that can generate new, long-term customers. For detailed information, do a Google search for "article marketing," and you'll find some helpful websites that can lay out the details for you

In short, you'll be generating solid Web content -- always a hot commodity in today's constantly-updating cyberspace -- and, through "About the Author" boxes attached to your content, you'll draw a growing number of potential customers to your website. It's similar to the blogging you may already do, except the article marketing service will help to spread your content through many different corners of the Web.

It's about going back to the basics. What originally drew you to your business? Likely, it was your knowledge and passion for your field. And once you had started your business, how did you first attract your now-loyal customers? Most likely, you simply talked with them, and earned their trust. Article marketing can help you do this with thousands of new customers.

The key to drawing customers is to show that you have an expert and insightful perspective on your field. You can do this by writing short, informational articles. Start with things you know about, and do a little research, if necessary. Make your articles around 600-700 words, and use them reveal insights about your field that your customers should know.

Try not to write your articles as advertisements for your business. If your articles are well-written and informative, your "About the Author" box will be all the advertising you need.

This is the leveling power of the Internet. Though your business may be small, you can use your knowledge and expertise to compete with big corporations, whose marketing budgets may be a thousand times larger than yours.

Of course, today's search engines still favor larger companies in some ways. Basically, the more times a website is linked by other websites, the higher it will climb in search results. That's why, for instance, Amazon -- which gets linked practically everywhere -- is always at the top of search results. However, as you've probably already figured out, you can utilize this system, along with article marketing, to place your website higher.
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Tiva Kelly is an expert at article marketing and offers support to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Leverage this back to basics approach when you submit articles through Article Marketer.
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