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Affiliate Marketing: How to Generate Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
Usually business knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next. Successful businessmen teach their children and successors all the "tricks of the trade" as they mature and at the proper time, pass the reigns to the company. Similarly, the best way to learn to generate residual income through affiliate marketing opportunities would be to learn from those who have become successful.

Sitetosell.com was created in 1998 by Dr. Ken Envoy. The main product is call Site Build It and allows users to create a web site, optimize it for search engines, and set up proper hosting. The affiliate marketing program was launched shortly after, and is regarded as one of the most highly regarded in the affiliate marketing industry. The "5 Pillar Affiliate Program" offered something that had never been offered before: life time commissions, complex affiliate tracking systems, and not allowing customers to sign up as affiliates

After much research, some years of study, and a complete understanding of his affiliate program, Dr. Envoy decided to write a course to teach affiliates to generate residual income and increase their "conversion rate," which is the percentage of how many people actually purchased the product presented by the affiliate.

Another expert, Alan Gardyne, created a website with a periodical affiliate newsletter that is read by tens of thousands of people, Associateprograms.com. Gardyne is an expert who presents the best ways to increase affiliate conversion rates, highlights well-paying affiliate programs, and gives his personal opinions on affiliate marketing.

An assistant hired by Gardyne put Sitetosell.com's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program to the test. Using Gardyne's affiliate knowledge couple with the affiliate marketing courses compiled by Dr. Envoy, the assistant successfully made almost $6000 in the first 12 months on commissions, with just one affiliate program. Keep in mind there are literally tens of thousands of affiliate programs on the internet!

As you can see, affiliate marketing can create large amounts of residual income if you have the proper training and know-how. It is important to be taught the affiliate business from those who have been there and know the tricks. Study up, take affiliate marketing courses, and attend some affiliate marketing seminars and you could be the next affiliate marketing millionaire!
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