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Online Marketing - A Back To Basics Approach To Finding New Customers

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet is an ever-changing, organic body with a will of its own; its developments and hiccups are as unpredictable as the world itself. Many larger companies hurt themselves by believing they have the Internet pinned down -- that their online marketing strategies of five years ago are just as good today. Plus, most large businesses are too static and unwieldy to move with the Internet's frequent and subtle shifts.

This is why small businesses have an advantage. If you're a small business owner, you probably have a website, which likely receives a fair amount of traffic. Nevertheless, you are always looking for ways of building site traffic that can help you grow more competitive. Fortunately, there are new, cutting-edge online marketing strategies, and as a small business owner, you can adjust with the times. With this in mind, I'm going to guide you through an online marketing strategy that takes a back-to-basics approach.

Whether it was weeks or years ago, you probably remember the moment when you decided to start your business. To all business owners, this moment of inspiration is exciting, and it's often what carries an entrepreneur through the trying times before profit is made.

What sparked this moment of inspiration? In most cases, a future business owner realizes that she has a passion -- usually, an area of expertise -- on which she can capitalize with more skill than anyone else. Often, a person who starts a business has no choice; once inspiration has been found, there's no alternative, and no turning back.

Now that you're thinking of your original inspiration, the next step is to discover how you can turn this basic passion and raw knowledge into your online marketing advantage.

To show potential customers that your business is their best option, you must speak to them. The Internet is, basically, a learning tool. Potential customers come to the Internet not only to learn about whose products and services they want to consume, but also simply to learn new things.

With your expertise, you're the perfect person to teach your potential customers about issues and ideas in your field, and the strategy of article marketing is key.

First, you must generate new content in the form of short articles -- 600-700 words -- on issues in your field. These articles should not advertise your specific business, so try not to sound like you're giving a sales pitch. Today's consumers can instantly recognize an advertisement. Instead, simply show your expertise. By generating well-written, insightful content, you can earn the respect of your potential customers.

The next step is to sign up for an article marketing website. These can easily be found through a Google search. I won't tell you in detail about what these services can do for you -- you'll find their instructions on their websites -- but the results can be enormous. In short, these services help you polish and categorize your articles, and then they make your content available to thousands of publishers throughout the Internet.

Every time an article of yours is published, it will include a link to your website in an "About the Author" section. If you're an Internet-savvy person, you know that every time you read a piece of online content that you like, you want to learn more about its author. This is the key to your marketing success. Every time a reader learns something from your content, they will visit your website -- which, naturally, leads to more customers.

Best of all, the more customers click on links to your site, the higher your small business will rise in search engine results. So not only will you gain customers by impressing them with your expertise, but you'll also gain customers by improving your ranking in Internet searches. You won't find a more efficient, two-fold approach to building site traffic than this.

Article marketing is a new strategy, and it is sure to be around for a while -- but it's not for large companies. Instead, it's perfect for driven, knowledgeable small business owners like you.
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Tiva Kelly is an expert at article marketing and offers support to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Leverage this back to basics approach when you submit articles through Article Marketer.
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