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Your Customers are Waiting - Give Them The Content They Crave

Aug 17, 2007
In the digital age, smart marketers know that, above all else, consumers crave new things. In the Internet world, this applies to content as much as products and services. If a Web surfer perceives that a site updates infrequently, she is unlikely to return. This need for constant fluctuation is one of the reasons why the Internet is so revolutionary -- the Web is never the same from one moment to the next, and any website that remains stagnant for too long will inevitably be overrun by more active sites.

For this reason, marketing theorists suggest that the World Wide Web is like an organic form: It moves, it breathes, and to survive it must continuously feed itself. Increasingly, business owners who operate online must work to satisfy the Internet's unquenchable need for new content.

As a small business owner with a website, you're the ideal person to generate fresh content. With a little creativity, this can be quite simple. First, make a list of issues in your field that you either know a lot about or would like to know more about. Perhaps, when reading Web content related to your field, you've read articles that you disagree with, or maybe you find that there are content gaps that you can fill.

After you have a list of topics to write about, using your knowledge and research, you'll write a series of short articles -- about 600-700 words each. Make them to-the-point, informative, and make sure they teach something that most of your readers will probably not know. Readers love to learn new things, and if you can teach them something without sounding as if you're giving a sales pitch, you can earn the trust and respect of thousands of potential customers.

Once you've generated your content, article marketing services -- several of which you can find through a quick Google search -- can help your business throw a powerful one-two marketing punch against your competition.

First, after you've signed up for a service and sent them your articles, they'll use their professional marketing expertise to help you make your articles as perfect as possible. When the final versions of your articles are ready, they'll help you place your articles in categories, which will make it easier for Web publishers to find you.

When submitting your articles, you'll be asked to write the critical "About the Author" box. This is how potential customers will find your site. You've probably seen these in your own Web surfing, and if you're like most people, when a piece of content catches your attention, you seek more from the same author. In the same way, anyone who enjoys or learns something from your writing will follow the link in your "About the Author" box.

Soon after your article marketing service begins to distribute your content to Web publishers, you'll notice your site traffic building. This indicates that people are finding your articles and clicking on the link in your "About the Author" box, which leads to the other important aspect of this strategy.

The more times a link to your site is clicked, the higher your site will rise in most search engine results. This is why you usually find that your larger competitors are at the top of search results, while you're stuck down on page 15. Many small business owners accept this as the status quo, and resign themselves to traditional marketing techniques. You, however, through writing and marketing your original content, can begin to rise in the search results, gradually drawing customers away from the competition. Before you know it, you'll be right up there on page 1.
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Tiva Kelly is an expert at article marketing and offers support to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Leverage this back to basics approach when you submit articles through Article Marketer.
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