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Seven Secret Steps, Taking You to Google #1 in Only Two Weeks

Aug 17, 2007
Anyone, and I mean anyone who has an online business now or is planning to start one in the future has to market their business in order to get the unique visits and convert them into sales.

It stands to reason that if you don't get the sales you will go bust and your business will have failed miserably. This is regardless of the fact that you probably have the 'Greatest Business' the internet has ever seen, as do we all, and you are confident that because your business is so unique that you will make those sales regardless of your marketing efforts or your ranking with the search engines and in particular Google.

Think again my friend, your marketing efforts are the most important area of your business and unlike any offline business you may have tried, your ultimate goal has to be, to reach the #1 position for your search category with the #1 search engine, achieve this enviable position and the sales will automatically follow.

This, howerver is much easier said than done, or so certain so called 'marketing experts' would have you believe. I am about ot shatter that illusion and assure you that it can be done and you can do it, and you can achieve it within two weeks as I have using a simple seven step formula.

The seven secret steps as they are known will take your floundering or fledgling business, if not to #1, then certainly to the first page of your search category and with very little financial outlay on your part.

All you do have to do, is commit to following a simple seven part program and follow it diligently and you will arrive in record time without all the usual hassles.

The seven secret steps are as follows:

1. Realizing the importance of correct search engine optimization

2. Utilizing business networking sites to boost your ranking

3. Article submissions, what to write and where to post them

4. Link building using web directories and social bookmarking sites

5. Learning the value of strategic press releases

6. Utilizing search sub engines, taking advantage of effective advertising for pennies

7. Aquiring the art of effective email capture

Seven simple steps that if you follow them to the letter will build massive amounts of backlinks into your business from respected highly ranked sites, along with an enviable opt-in mailing list and genuine useful content on your site that the search engine spiders crave.

All of these one way links coupled with truly decent content on a properly optimized site will take your business to the first page if not to #1.

Stop struggling to reach #1 using 'black hat methods'. Get out there and do it as it should be done. Forget trying to take the short cut, because it will only take you longer, that's if you ever get there at all.

Give the search engines what they want, and in return you will get what you really want, you will achieve the position that everyone aspires to but very few ever reach.
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