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The Career Seeker Dream . . . "I'm Ready To Accept All Kinds Of High-Paying Jobs!"

Aug 17, 2007
"Here's a job offer!" is a career seeker dream. But, hold on a minute! Is that always the best thing for you? Maybe the real career seeker dream should be, "Here are several job offers. Why don't you pick the one that's best for you?"

Yeah, sure. Like that's gonna really happen.

You know, it happens all the time when you play your cards right. Can you imagine the unbelievable control you have over your career when you have multiple job offers? And the powerful negotiating advantage!

A carefully thought-out career seeker dream should build in strategies that put you in the position of multiple job offers. It's the ultimate in career success because you're in a position to select your next job rather than settle for it. You know, rolling over on whatever your lame job campaign happens to produce.

Most of us stumble into a job which then defines our career. To restore a sense of control to our career and job search we must learn to think horizontally . . . i.e. become aware of the range of talents we possess and their applications to breadth of opportunities we are qualified for.

Long term career growth and job search strategy require and planning careful attention. In short, we must become multi-careered. Because, if you do it right, it doesn't take any longer to qualify for one job as it does to qualify for several jobs.

One good way to begin this process is to assemble a personal Asset Bank of capabilities, strengths and work experiences. This can help us discern viable alternative career directions and potential employment connections.

Your Asset Bank is made up of three categories which make up the marketable package called YOU. Each category will suggest different occupational or job characteristics:

* Qualifying Experiences.

* Bridge Skills.

* Workstyle Values.

Let's look at each of these.

Your qualifying experiences are all the job-related capabilities you've developed over the years. However, don't think only in terms of your work history. Because you've acquired a lot of job-related skills outside you actual employment.

Bridge skills are the strengths you've acquired that bridge you into other jobs that go beyond your work history. We think of them as transferable skills . . . the ones that can apply to any job descriptions.

And, finally, your workstyle values are your ways of doing things . . . the inner values you bring to the workplace, largely from your upbringing.

Each one of these, when put together, becomes an appealing composite of all the assets you bring to the table. As you examine these wonderful assets you find that they qualify you for much more than just a continuation of what you used to do.

In fact, they're the foundation for you career seeker dream . . . the basis for a real expectation that you can be looking a multiple job offers!
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