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Articles, What to Write, Where and How to Post Them

Aug 17, 2007
The most essential step any business owner can take is to get your business recognized on the Internet, it may be your new business, it may be your current business; it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you become a household name, 'Brand Recognition'. To achieve this you need to start letting everyone know you exist. And the most efficient way to get that recognition is by writing and submitting articles.

Stop groaning, I can hear you. Before you say I can't do this, I can't write articles. Let me tell you how effective this is and hopefully show you the benefits of sitting at your keyboard for twenty minutes every day and knocking out a simple article.

This is your business, you are passionate about it and you intend using it as your vehicle to earn your living online and retire from the daily grind. To achieve this you must crawl outside your comfort zone and do what needs to be done or, carry on with the daily grind until you are old and tired.

Article posting is one of the most effective methods of gaining brand recognition and all important quality back-links to your business, so now you're going to learn what to write, how and where to post and you are going to drive back-links and traffic to your website.

What you must do is carefully select your main keywords, just the main ones for now. And you must write articles relating to, but not directly advertising your business. Let's take a simple example: you are operating a business that advises people on pet care and in particular 'dog grooming to competition standard'. Your business and site name is shaggy to shining and your main keyword/phrase is 'dog grooming'.

Your article title would be something on these lines 'From Shaggy to Shining in Three Easy Steps, Dog Grooming to Competition Standard'. Can you see what's happening here, you have got your business title and your main keyword/phrase contained within the title of your article, but it doesn't appear to be a direct advertisement? Now, this is your business and if you are passionate about dogs and dog care I am positive that you could write an article, 500-800 words describing the most effective methods to groom your dog to competition standard. There after, choose each keyword and write articles using your keywords in the title and at various places throughout the article and what you will see happening in record time is links to your business appearing highly ranked for your main keywords.

Each time you write an article you also add what is known as 'a resource box'. In the resource box you are allowed to advertise your site and your business, when your article is posted, it is posted with the resource box intact, and anyone who decides to use your free article does so on the understanding that they must also include the complete unedited resource box.

But, who is it who reads this material and who would want to use your article? Simple when you think about it, I'm sure you have noticed the explosion of ad sense advertising online at the moment, these people are now your best friends. You may disagree with the quality of the content of these sites and the fact that they are nothing more than advertising vehicles but it's the content that matters, these advertisers are mad hungry for content and they trawl the article sites picking up articles, yours included in order to have content for their ad sense sites.

You could write a simple article and it could be viewed along with your resource box maybe 10,000, 20,000 or even 100,000 times and each one of these ad sense sites is advertising your business as its main feature and creating a link to your website. The search engines pick up on this, and this method is by far the quickest way to get your site indexed with the search engines and this can happen, as it did for me within 48 hours of going live.

Another added bonus is that you quickly become recognized as an expert in your field, you have hundreds, if not thousands of articles describing your particular business buzzing about the Internet, this affords you the kind of business credibility that otherwise could take years to achieve and it pushes your website up the rankings at breakneck speed.

Right, you've composed your articles and now you need to post them, so what do you do? You don't want to do it manually, which means visiting thousands of article directories and submitting your work, so now you need an article submission service, and for something this important you need the best. The best is Article Marketer. This is the premier online submission service and one of the few where your article is actually scanned by a person and not a computer prior to being distributed. They will distribute your article to thousands of article directories, and you can submit as many articles as you wish.

I have tried submission software, it's not very effective, the software is never up to date and it will submit your articles to directories that no longer exist. The other major benefit of using a submission service and dealing with people in preference to a piece of software is, they are there to help and advise you, they will help you get the very best exposure for your articles.

One final point on articles, you've no doubt heard the term 'Content is King'? Every article you write and some that are relevant to your business that you can pick up should become a part of your website, it doesn't need to be visible in a public area of your site, hide it away within your site map if you choose, but the moment you add these articles to your own site you are adding fresh content and the search engines will re-index your site. I would advise that you leave your articles on public view within your site with a link in your navigation bar; it allows perspective customers to read them and further establishes you as an expert in your field.
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