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Why It's REALLY Easy To Be An Infopreneur?

Aug 17, 2007
Far too many people hold off on trying out something new because they are afraid it will too difficult. Or too time consuming. Or too expensive.

Infopreneuring is not any of them. You'll be surprised to see just how simple it can all be.

To create and sell an information product, you need to know what your market wants, then find a solution to solve their biggest problem, and then package it into an easily consumed product - and finally, you have to place the offer in front of the right audience and make sales.

Done the right way, it can be VERY easy! Let me share a short story about how to do it.

1. Find out what your market wants.

Some years back, I emailed my list of subscribers a short survey. In it, I asked them what their biggest problem was. Many responded to the survey.

Their answer surprised me - as this was an area I had not much experience about. Still, the number of people who said they were willing to pay to learn more about it made me think a bit about creating a product to meet their needs. After all, that's what an infopreneur does!

2. Create the solution to their problem.

As I thought over the situation, I remembered a few friends mentioning that they were involved in the same area, addressing the same problem. A quick email confirmed they were trying out some interesting new ideas - and they worked well.

Within a few hours, and with just a few email exchanges and a phone call, we had
a plan - where they would teach my subscribers about the specific thing they said they wanted to learn about.

3. Package information into a product.

We picked a 4-part course as the ideal way to deliver this particular solution. If the circumstances were different, we might have packaged the information in the form of an ebook, an email newsletter, a membership site, a printed book, a teleseminar, an audio recording, a video and multi-media presentation or even a live seminar or personal coaching and mentoring program.

The 3-step exercise generated over $1,700 in a day for my business - selling specialized information to an audience that craved it, wanted it, demanded it. And what's more, I didn't even have to create the information myself!

As an infopreneur, you too can soon be doing deals like this one. It really can be that easy!
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Internet infopreneur Gowri Cumba has built many profitable online information resources, and shares powerful tips to help you also build wealth from information resources on the "Internet Infopreneur Tips" blog. Read more infopreneur articles or register for the free ezine - infopre-tips@aweber.com
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