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The Importance of the Golden Triangle in Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
If you aren't familiar with the term the Golden Triangle, you better pay a great deal of attention to this article. The Golden Triangle can change the way you market your website, who you target and what your goals are. But the premise of the concept is simple; get your website to the top of the search engines.

Whether you get your internet marketing website to the top of the search engines through pay-per-click management or naturally with keyword optimization, the end result should be the same. If you use pay-per-click management, you are aggressively marketing your website and essentially will be paying to get it to the top of the search engines. Keyword optimization and other natural methods will take you longer, but can be just as efficient if not more.

So what does this all have to do with the Golden Triangle? Everything in fact. There has been a great deal of research on this term that has found that a majority of internet searchers focus on the content they search for in a triangle. To better paint the picture, you can think of it like the Bermuda triangle, which is where the name 'Golden Triangle' originated from.

The longer the study was done, the more apparent it became of the importance the Golden Triangle has on internet marketing. If you think about it, when you search for something in the search engines, how far down do you go to find what you're looking for? Research has shown that a majority of people searching will click on one of the first three or four links given to them. Nobody is going to take the time to go all the way to the 15th page to find what they want.

Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you focus your internet marketing on getting your business to the top three or four on the search engines. In actuality, for natural listings you need to be in the top three or four and for paid listings you should be in the top two or three. This becomes important information since pay-per-click is considered paid or sponsored listings. If you want to make your pay-per-click advertising worthwhile, you had better get in the top two or three.

Climbing your way to the top in internet marketing for natural listings will take time, so be patient. If you're not in the top three or four for natural listings, you can still reel in visitors, just not as many. By targeting your keywords within the title on the search engines and getting people's attention immediately, you will have a better shot at getting the floating customers. These customers know specifically what they are looking for and may not find it in the top few, but do you have what they are looking for?

The Golden Triangle research has made the obvious even more apparent in internet marketing. If you want to have true success and generate a high traffic volume, working your way into the top few for natural listings and the top two or three for paid listings is essential. If you can't do that, research has shown that the drop off rate after eight listings is a whopping 50%. Good Luck!!
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