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Automation In The Information Marketing Business Is A Must

Aug 17, 2007
The information age a has come a long way since the beginning of the nineties when the Internet took off. Before that time direct mail was the norm. Snail mail was the order the day. Direct marketers had to post all the sales copy one by one to their prospects.

Now as the Internet age began savvy marketers began using email to reach their prospects. This innovation speeded up things drastically and more prospects could be reached within a shorter period. With email came email marketing a system of offering newsletters and ecourses, mini courses etc.
Then out of email came the one of the greatest inventions of all-the autoresponder. This software changed everything, it not only freed up Internet marketers time but it personalized the relationship between the customer and the marketer. With an autoresponder the marketer could load it up with hundreds or thousands of names and communicate with them daily or at intervals automatically. During the time of the emergence of the autoresponder the optin list also came out. with this script a prospects name could be captured using either a squeeze page or a pop up, and then the names would be automatically loaded into an autoresponder.

In recent times we have seen other new software emerge like email blasters. These are software that can blast email messages to millions of optins at the touch of a button.

Then there are the article submitters that can submit your articles to hundreds of article directories. But the software that amazes people the most is the article creator software. This software is the lastest software to hit the Internet marketing world. Imagine creating an article on a subject you know little about. Imagine the time you could save researching, by using such software. A few years ago such software would be only an Internet marketers dream but now it is possible to own one.

As you can now see the information business needs automation in various former tedious tasks. By making mundane tasks automated using new software it frees up a marketers time to focus on the most important task at hand: Marketing!

So as you can see as time goes on automation will be the name of the game. Internet marketers will be able to outsource less and automate more. As more and more relevant software emerges the time it takes to create new products will shorten and thus improve productivity and also earnings. This is what every entreprenuer wants. What freaks most newbie marketers out is the mundane task of writing articles, reports and ebooks then publishing and marketing it. it can all be overwhelming and stressful. But new free software will free your time in submiting your website to over 2000+ directories. Now is that wonderful or what. imagine how long it would take you to do that task manually, probably a week or so.

So can you now see why automation in the information business is a must. To be honest with you, if not for automation i would have quit long time ago.
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Chidi Rodney Akomas is an information marketer and software programmer. He also writes and recommends various topics and tools in relation to info products and software. Find out how you can get the lastest free information on upcoming software at software
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