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6 Good Reasons To Start Your Own Online Homebased Business

Aug 17, 2007
Do you like what you are doing? I mean do like your job? We spent almost half of our lives working at our job and the other half for eating, sleeping and traveling to our workplace and back. Just by doing these few things could used up almost half of our lives. Now if you say you do not enjoy your job, then you are wasting away your life just to make a couple of bucks working for somebody else. Of course, not everyone will face this problem, but majority do. So if you do not enjoy your job, here are 6 good reasons to start your own homebased business. But today I will talk about starting an online homebased business.

1.Firstly, you can save money and a lot of time commuting to work. I used to travel an hour to my work place and another hour back. So I take 2 hours everyday to and fro. 2 hours each day on traveling is 480 hours per year. Now I take 30 second to reach my work station, which is my computer. Can you see the big difference? Instead of stressing yourself in the morning rush hour traffic, you can enjoy your morning coffee and just turn on your money making machine, which is your computer and start working.

2.You are now your own boss. Time is on your side, your can choose to work the hours you like, rest when you need to, set your own goals and targets and not have to be fixed by someone else. But of course, I am not saying you abuse this freedom and waste your time like chatting, and doing things that are not related to your business. You still need to be discipline, use you time wisely and do not cheat on yourself by abusing the freedom. Main thing is, it is easy to get sidetracked when you work at home, and this is one down side. But if you can handle this issue, then working at home is much to be enjoyed.

3.Many people who want to work at home are stay at home parents. You get to be with your kids more often, and be there for them when they need you. If they are sick you can be there for them. You can join any of their school activities anytime and need not have to ask for time off. Vacation with your family will now be more enjoyable without having to schedule and work around your boss clock. This is a dream for many working parents. Take a longer holiday if you can afford it. Doing an online homebased business can be mixed with play and work too. As long as you can get to a computer you can even work while you are on holiday, but of course you can choose not too also.

4.You do not need a huge capital to start doing business online. You can start to sell other peoples products, and that is call affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are easy to find, and you can search for them at Clickbank, Linkshare, or Commission Junction. Choose those products that are of interest to you. I take Clickbank as an example. You can just go to Clickbank home page, register to get a Clickbank ID for free, and you are set to go. Then go to their market place and look for products that you can start selling. Once you find the right products to sell, just create a hoplink from there and the hoplink will have your ID code in it. So the next thing you should do is to advertise that hoplink, and if someone click on that link with your ID in it and buy the product, then you will be paid a commission. Product merchants will pay you the commission via Clickbank. This is good, because Clickbank is a reliable company for making payments.

5.So you have it now, you do not have to incur a lot of money in online business, no, I did not say you do not need money to start this business, but you do not need a big sum of money to start. Unlike those brick and mortar business, if you do not have at least $100,000 you can forget about starting. Affiliate programs are also free to join. The only expenses you need to handle are paying for advertisements,like Pay Per Click, or ezine newsletters advertisements, your internet connection, and some little investments on materials for learning process. On the other hand, you can also choose for some free way to advertise like writing articles, blogging and forum posting.

6.Doing online homebased business is so portable that you can do it any where in the world. By finding a products you like, you can have fun making money in the comfort of your home.
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Gamy Rachel is an Online Homebased Business entrepreneur. In the financial industry for many years, now does Online Business. Find out more on Online Homebased Business visit my website and blog which is at Make Home Profits and Make A Living Honestly Blog
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