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MLM Training - How to Shake Off Difficult Prospecting Conversations and Continue with Confidence

Aug 17, 2007
Getting discouraged or even unsure about your MLM business can happen when you've had a particularly difficult conversation with a prospect. To avoid these difficult conversations in the first place, my MLM training tip is twofold:

1) Don't carry baggage from one call to the next.
2) Don't adopt your prospect's beliefs - even slightly.

If you're going to achieve real MLM success you have to be solid in who you are and what you believe in. You can't be lured into believing what your prospect believes. To be really successful, you have to do just the opposite. I will tell you more about that later. Let me get back to my first point.

Treat each call as if it were your first - "Don't carry baggage from one call to the next." Make yourself new again when you hang up with one prospect and get on the phone with another prospect.

Let's suppose you call prospect number one and he jumps into complaining how network marketing is a pyramid. Then you go to call number two and you're actually defending network marketing to an entirely different prospect [who doesn't have that objection] instead of trying to make that person's life better. That is wrong!

Each prospect is unique, and you have to ensure that each call is unique.

My second point of discussion - "Don't adopt your prospect's beliefs and views" - simply means that you should be secure in what you do, because no one will ever buy something (product, service or business) from someone who is wishy-washy.

Many times you will hear your prospect tell you, "I'm not a natural salesperson," or "I wasn't wired that way," or "Network marketing doesn't work," and hundreds of other comments. Does that mean you should adopt (or even contemplate) their views? No! By having a strong conviction, nothing anybody says can or should sway you.

So when you talk to a prospect who has never really studied network marketing and doesn't know the MLM business like you do, there is no way that person can be more knowledgeable than you. Don't let their opinion throw you off on what you know and why you're in the business - no matter how "successful" they've been in other businesses.

Your prospect isn't going to be the person who will get you what you really want in life - meaning - Mr. Prospect isn't going to get you that boat to cruise the Caribbean Islands. Mrs. Prospect isn't going to pay for your child's college education. You're responsible for those goals and dreams, so don't let any prospect talk you out of them or take them away. The bottom line is that if you'd had one bad experience make sure you gather yourself before picking up the phone and making the next call. Your MLM success depends on it!
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