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Doba Scam - Review of The Drop Shipper Doba

Aug 17, 2007
With almost any established internet company, dissatisfied customers will voice their opinion. This is partly due to a preconceived suspicion to doing any business online. In addition, the internet gives former customers the necessary venue to voice their opinions loud and clear.

When dissatisfied customers become irate and improperly label a company as a scam, they often can do more harm then good. The truth is that a company will be more likely to change their policies and/or amend a situation if a customer provides an honest presentation of the areas that the company let them down. On the other hand, there is little that a company can do to satisfy an irate, inconsolable customer that is set on labeling the company as a scam.

One year ago, when looking for an opportunity to make money on the internet, I was disappointed with a venture with the drop ship company Doba.com. Therefore, I voiced my opinion via the internet, and while I did not go to the point of labeling Doba as a scam, I did explain my issues with the company.

Eventually, Doba caught wind of my negative review and listened. Soon after, the CEO of Doba.com, Jeremy Hanks called me to address the issues that I had raised regarding the company. Not only was the company responsive to the suggestions that were made, but they able to clear up some of the misconceptions that are common with internet companies.

Following this, I was given full access to Doba.com to reevaluate the company. After doing so, not only had the company improved many of its features, but it was apparent that the knowledge that I had gained about the industry made a difference in my experience with Doba.

The truth of the matter is that success with Doba, as well as any internet venture, takes research and has a learning curve. When customers have difficulty getting over this learning curve, they complain, become irate, and label the establishment as a scam. However, if users were to take the time to understand the industry and get over the learning curve, they could see the profit that exists in drop shipping.

It is hard to speak for every company that is labeled as a scam. It is also true that not everyone will be willing to get over the learning curve for internet ventures. However, Doba.com has not only established themselves as one of the most reputable drop shippers on the internet, but they see their dissatisfied customers as an asset and a chance to improve their company for the future.
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