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Marketing Benefits Of Using Rss Feeds For Businesses

Aug 17, 2007
What are the marketing benefits of using Rss feeds for businesses?

Before the advent of blogs and rss feeds, common marketing strategies used by businesses include:

- pay per click
- articles or ezine
- search engine optimization
- press release
- 'viral' marketing
- email marketing

With the advent of blogs and rss feeds, we are now presented with a new form of marketing which businesses can use in marketing their services or products.

Rss feeds are not meant to replace the strategies discussed earlier, on the other hand, it can be used to compliment and support existing marketing strategies like email marketing.

Perhaps you still don't realize or fully understand the power of RSS Feeds as a marketing tool.

After all, email, articles, pay per click and so on work fine, don't they?

Unfortunately, the truth is:

1. It's getting harder to send e-mails to the prospect's inbox because of SPAM filters. This means your marketing message is not read by your subscribers, which translate to lost opportunities and profits.

2. People are getting numbed by the amount of e-mails they receive everyday.

3. People are not reading their e-mails, again affecting your marketing campaigns.

4. It's getting harder to get people to opt-in or subscribe to your newsletter or content.

With RSS feeds, this changes the playing field:

1. RSS feeds can bypasses email - Eat your hearts out! Rss feeds can be read by desktop software and delivered right to your prospect everytime they turn on their PC

2. RSS feeds allow you to syndicate content rich news in your niche market and attract targeted prospects

3. People who subscribe to newsfeeds are generally in the higher income bracket and educated. They want to find news and information to solve their problems. Can that person be YOU?

4. E-mail doesn't allow yourself to be branded all over the Net. With RSS feeds, your content gets circulated/sydnicated and you can brand yourself as an expert.

5. RSS feeds can be submitted to RSS feeds directories, which will list your site within 24 hours which measn more traffic for you.

Did you know that with Rss feeds, you can also gain a backdoor listing in three major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and MSN?

6. If you have many products, you can turbo charge your Affiliate program by offering data feeds to your affiliates. This way your affiliates can get notified of the latest product changes.

As you can see, Rss feeds offer a new dimension and benefits for businesses wishing to grow and expand their market.
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Brandon is blogs & rss author. He'll show you business strategies to get more responsive visitors, more sales, plus obtaining quick listings in Google, MSN, etc with Blogs and RSS.
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