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One Of The Biggest Mistakes You're Making Right Now In Your Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Want to know one of the biggest mistakes you're making right now in your marketing? To be honest, it's a very small mistake, but it's costing you big money.

I've written copy for over 153 different industries. That's why I can safely say that the chances are very high that you're making this mistake right now. And it doesn't matter what you're selling.

Maybe it's a product. Maybe it's a service. The strategy I'm about to give you now will put thousands of dollars in your pocket for sure. And quite possibly tens of thousands.

Don't you hate it when you tell prospects about what it is you do and sell, yet most of them don't buy? Most conversion rates are around 1% - if you're lucky. Which 99% of people say "no" to what you're offering.

You know your product or service is good. You know it works. Yet, when you tell people about it in your marketing, most click off or turn the page. Aren't you frustrated about why this happens?

One thing you need to realize is the power of words. Words can truly change your state in an instant. They can change how you feel, what you do, and where you go. Just a few words can make all this happen in a split second.

For instance, if I was to say these words to you, "Terrorists have just attacked." Just 4 words only. Yet those 4 words cause an instant emotional reaction in you, true?


It's your words which are making your prospects look elsewhere. It's not your product, your personality, your looks, voice, education or anything else.

When it comes to your marketing, it's your words which control how your prospect reacts. The words you are using in your marketing right now are telling the majority of your prospects to look elsewhere.

Think of your prospects like birds sitting on a fence. It doesn't take much to scare them and make them fly away. Well what scares your prospects away is the words.

Right now your marketing is missing 2 words in particular. Just 2 words. And adding these 2 words immediately to your marketing will increase your sales.

Like to know what they are?

Write these 2 words down: "which means."

Now here's what I want you to do with them. I want you to take 15 minutes out from your day; go to one of your marketing messages; look for the section where you talk about your "features." Maybe it's a section of bullet points. Or a few paragraphs where you talk about what it is you sell.

Features are "WHAT IT IS."

However what the customer is really looking for are benefits - "WHAT IT DOES."

And guess what pulls out the benefits in your features? Those 2 little words, "which means." Writing "which means" after any feature forces you to write down the benefits of your product or service.

And like magic your marketing comes alive. It suddenly talks to your prospect. Tells them what they really want to know. Go and look at some of your marketing right now. Then do what I've just suggested. You won't believe what it will do for your sales.
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Brett McFall is Australia's most experienced direct response copywriter having written over 10,000 sales messages for 153 different industries. To get instant access to free marketing reports, plus products and LIVE training, visit: http://www.brettmcfall.com
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