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4 Great Tactics To Avoid Dublicate Content In The Home Internet Business

Aug 17, 2007
Many of us has the target to get a residual and related traffic by on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

I have collected the information for this article about how to avoid search engine punishment from the discussion forums and using the Trial And Error method, so the points here are tested on the real home internet business market.

I promote my home internet business by writing regularly new site-pages, SEO articles, blog posts and the wide distribution articles.

1. New Pages To My Site.

The target of each internet business article on my site is to give new, useful information to the visitor. The secondary target is to get the page high on search engines results pages, especially on Google. I`ll optimize every article and use a special directory submitter to submit the page to hundreds of directories in order to get enough backlinks.

2.New Blog Posts.

The target of the internet business blog is to publish short presentations about what new articles, products etc. have been launched on the site.

Concerning a new article, I do not publish the article again on the blog, but I write a short text-ad with the article link, so that those who want to read the whole text can do that by one click. In this way, there is no dancer of the dublicate content plus, the article gets one backlink.

3.Article Submission To Thousands Of Directories And Websites.

The target of this submission is to get a maximum amount of related home internet business backlinks, i.e. visitors and better web site ranking. I re-write the page copy and change about 30 % of each paragraph, sometimes I even change the main keyword, so the copy is original.

The article submission service distributes the home internet business article to thousands of places all over the internet, which means a lot of dublicate contents, but I do not care about the punishment, because the target is to get a huge amount of backlinks, not to rank high on the result pages.

4.The SEO Article Submission To One Directory Only.

The target of this submission is to quarantee the high search engine ranking to the home internet business article. I use the best directory and on-page SEO. I re-write the page-version and again change about 30 % of each paragraph, to make it unique.

In this SEO version I use bolded, italic and underlined font-types, each once for the main keyword. I write the paragraphs of about 4 lines, which includes the main keyword once. I have managed to rank among the top 5 sites with keywords, which have over 40.000 Overture searches per month and over 1 billion keyword results at Google alone.

I recommend this strategy for the home internet business contents. It brings a great, fresh content to the visitors, a good amount of backlinks, high search engine ranking and is residual. It means some more work, but guess what, it`s worth that!
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