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Sell Your Car Using The Perfect Classified Ad

Aug 17, 2007
More used cars and other vehicles are sold using classified ads than any other method. The reasons behind these little ads being so effective are many fold. The ads are inexpensive so anyone needing to sell something can afford one. People in the market for a used car know that some of the best deals can be found in the classified ads section. When you buy a used car from a car lot or dealer, a professional prices the vehicle so you may or may not get a good deal, and of course the used car specialist adds value to the product. But a private party selling a vehicle generally prices the car lower than a dealer plus someone selling a car privately through a classified ad may have no idea of the value of what they are selling and literally give the car away. Yes, used car dealers keep a sharp eye on these little ads also.

So how do you write the perfect classified ad to sell your vehicle? Start with how many words you are allowed. What are the minimum number of words you can use for how much money you are willing to spend? Once you figure out your ad budget and word budget you are on the path. The first draft of your ad will be longer than you want but once you have a first draft, you can start cutting out unnecessary words.

Car classifieds generally start out with the make of the car with the model of the car directly next and then the year of the car. Big city newspapers are a little pricey so the next mention is the color, the mileage, one or two features of the vehicle, the price and the telephone number. The price can be fiddled with. You can add an OBO, or best offer, after the price signaling that you are willing to deal. By adding firm next to your price you are telling people that you will not deal. Or just add the price and play it by ear.

If you are advertising the vehicle online or if you are allowed more words from a smaller newspaper then you can run write a more complete ad. Again, start with the make, then the model and then the year. Next add the color which is a major buying force for many people. The mileage of the car should be added and it is ok to round this figure off to the nearest thousand. Next add the condition of the car. Descriptive words like excellent, like new, needs repair, runs great, etc. The features of your vehicle should be listed next. Features like CD, air conditioning, 4WD, DVD player, anti-lock brakes are important. The price of the car should be next and let them know if you are firm or OBO, or just set the price and see what happens. Your city and state can go in the ad unless you are putting this in a local paper and then it is assumed that the car is being sold locally. Your telephone number is next with the time you are available and who to ask for. If you post a cell phone number people may be unfamiliar with the area code and may not want to call long distance or deal with a car far away. To avoid those problems, odd area codes to the area should include a city or town and possibly the state. One last way to save a word is please delete the word call before your telephone number. We will call with or without that word. Good luck!
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