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Online Paid Surveys Offer Cash and More

Aug 17, 2007
Taking paid surveys online is a pastime for some and a full-time pursuit for others. Still, there are those who have never even entertained the idea of taking surveys to earn extra income and perks. The truth is there are tons of paid surveys online that give their participants all kinds of benefits.

Many major product makers, service providers, restaurants and retail outlets turn to online surveys to help them make big decisions. Whether it's a new product line they're researching, basic customer service concerns or even the addition of a service, these companies like to get their information straight from the horse's mouth, so to say. In doing so, many of these companies authorize market research firms to provide cash payments for participants' troubles or even other forms of compensation.

Cold hard cash is just one of the things that people who take paid surveys online can find available to earn. There are also a whole host of other perks provided by companies that offer online surveys. The truth is other forms of compensation can be rewarding and even fun, too.

Some of the forms of compensation available for taking paid surveys online include:

* Restaurant gift certificates. Some companies that seek out opinions of customers and potential customers to help them guide the decision-making process prefer not to pay participants for their troubles in the form of actual cash or checks. Instead, they offer participants a night on the town on them. Restaurant gift certificates are a popular form of compensation for both companies that require survey work and the people that agree to take the surveys. There's something nice about getting a dinner out for a few minutes' trouble of taking a survey.

* Store gift cards. Many online survey companies compensate participants in the form of actual gift cards to major retailers. These cards equal cash if those taking the surveys happen to shop at the stores in question. Gift cards can range from credit card debit cards to actual store cards for grocery stores, department stores and even specialty shops.

* Coupons. Not all paid surveys online come with major rewards, but coupons that offer some real savings on purchases can be like money in the bank. Grocery coupons, half-off dinners and so on are another form of rewards those who take these surveys can often run into.

* Vouchers. Vouchers that work like cash for hotel stays, airfare, car rentals, restaurants and even service providers are also common forms of compensation for online survey takers. Service providers, too, will often reward participants with vouchers. These work like cash, but might require validating at the time services or purchases are rendered.

Paid online surveys are a fun way to get involved in helping the companies you do business with make decisions that effect you. Getting something in return for your trouble should be expected in most cases, but cash isn't always what's offered. Other possibilities include everything from restaurant certificates to gift cards, which in the grand scheme of things still mean money in your pocket.
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