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Six Reasons Network Marketing Will Change Your Life

Aug 17, 2007
Don't make someone else rich! What is the ultimate pyramid scheme? Your place of employment is, most likely, a fine example of a pyramid scheme. Think about it! The time that you are spending working for someone else is making them very rich. Why not take that time and make yourself rich? It is easier than you think!

Are you tired of trading your time for a paycheck? Are you sick and tired of going to work every day to make someone else rich? Do you hate your lifestyle? If any of the above is true for you, then read on.

Multi level marketing allows you to change your lifestyle and have more time to do what you want to do because Multilevel Marketing allows you to create residual income. Residual income is money that comes in month after month without you having to do any extra work. For example, residual income of $700 a month is the equivalent of investing $168,000 in a CD that returns five percent. There are MLM companies that only require a downline of 20 people or less to make a residual income of $700. You could go on vacation for a month, and still make $700. Now, that is powerful. So, remember, Multilevel marketing is not about making money; it's about residual income. When you understand the concept of residual income, the power of network marketing becomes crystal clear.

Six reasons that multilevel morketing will change your life:
1- Multilevel marketing allows you to work at home. Not only does multilevel marketing allow you to work at home, multilevel marketing allows you to live where ever you want to live. You can travel, live on a boat, in a camper, go camping, and bicycle across the country. With a laptop that has a wireless internet connection and you can continue to work your business from just about anywhere in the United States.

2- The internet has completely changed multilevel marketing. The internet allows you access to millions of people who are looking for a home based business. Let me repeat that. These people are looking for a home based business, just like you are. There were 264,837 searches for the key word "work at home" in the month of January, 2007. From the comfort of your own home, you have access to anyone in the world that has a computer.

3- Contribute to what you like to contribute to. Multilevel marketing allows you to be who you want to be. Since you are making your own money you are not tied to the rules and norms of the corporation that you work for. You are not constrained when you go to work and, the one I like is that you don't have to suck up to your boss.

4- You get to pick the people that you work with. You see there are only certain types of people that are going to expend the energy to succeed in the MLM business. These types of people are what I call the passionately curious. They are highly motivated to change their life style, because they hate their life style or they are broke. They are considerate, ask pertinent questions, are interested in what you have to say and take action.

5- Small start up expenses-with most MLM companies you can get started for as little as $20. Compare this to any brick and mortar business and you will see that the start up costs are the inverse of one another.

6- Help other people-Network marketing is a business that requires everyone to help one another in order to succeed. If you were to sign up to be my business partner I would benefit the most when you make the most money. My goal is for you to succeed. What a great concept! In a corporation, the exact inverse is true. If you were to work for me, the corporation executives make the most money when you make the least money. Where do you think their motivation is? The executive's goal is to get as much work you and pay you as little as possible. They are looking out for number one, just like you are.

With the powerful tool of the internet, network marketing is much easier than it has ever been before. All that is required to succeed is dedication, on your part, and good teachers that can show you how to put the internet to work for you so you can meet the right people.
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