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Job Campaigning? How To Overcome The Wimp Factor!

Aug 17, 2007
When you're job campaigning the old-fashioned way it's not hard to wimp out!

For example, one of the biggest mistakes we can make when we're job campaigning is to think someone owes us a job. After all, here we are . . . the perfect resume, a terrific track record, great references, marvelous credentials. In short, we're looking good . . . very good. What more could an employer want?

So we proceed on the assumption that when a prospective employer gets a look at our work history -- well, how could anyone resist? If that's the way you think about yourself and you're job campaigning using old-fashioned, passive methods . . . you're a WIMP!

Here's a shot of reality!

Most employers aren't interested in hiring you because of what you've done for someone else. They hire with an eye to their own bottom line, their own security and career growth, and how you can make their own job easier.

In other words, you will qualify for a position insofar as you can respond to the employer's basic needs. If your own accomplishments and goals fit into that scheme, so much the better.

If, however, an employer cannot perceive you making a contribution to his/her cause, you're NOT going to get the job no matter how terrific your credentials are.

This means it's your responsibility to identify a prospective employer's needs and goals and then demonstrate how you can contribute to them. To put it another way, you won't be hired based on the passive expectation that when an employer sees your credentials the rest is history!

If you're unable to be assertive in pointing the contributions you can make, then you're a de facto WIMP. And no one wants to hire a wimp!

A wimp is someone who mails out dozens, even hundreds of resumes or posts them to dozens of job sites on the web. And then sits back and waits for the phone to ring. Chances are you'll wind up settling for the first thing that comes along . . . probably out of desperation.

Employers are looking for someone who has the smarts to take a proactive approach to job campaigning. They know as well as you do that searching for a job is tough work. It's tough work for them too, even though you may not think so. If they're serious about advancing their organization (and their own career, for that matter) they're not going to risk it on some wimp.

Without assertiveness and a sense that you're in control, your job search and career growth is at the whim of others. Would you allow someone else to control your financial or medical decisions? Not unless you're a wimp!
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