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Parents Fears with MySpace is not Baseless

Aug 17, 2007
If you are a parent of a kid or teen and also have internet access in your house, then your parents fears with MySpace is certainly not baseless and not something that you should not bother about.

Generally parents fears with MySpace is due to the fact that their children may indulge in some wrong activities. There is a strong base parents uneasiness with MySpace. Actually, MySpace allows your kid to create a page of his/her own even if they are not old enough. Through this he/she can share information about himself or herself and even post photos. It is the basic reason of parents uneasiness with MySpace. Providing detailed information can prove dangerous not only for kids but also for teenagers.

Before you learn the methods of reducing parents fears with MySpace, it is important that you know about the site and its working process beforehand. A child just needs to have an e-mail address and he/she must be of at least 16 years of age. However, the latter information can be false; kid can simply say he/she is 16 years even if he/she is not because MySpace does not have any such method to verify the age. So, here once again it is proved that parents uneasiness with MySpace is not baseless. The one way to reduce parents uneasiness with MySpace is to ask to remove your kid/s page removed on discovering.

Other reason for parents fears with MySpace is that the site allows the children to have a private page which can be accessed only by those who have been designated to view it. But in that case, it becomes tough for the parents to keep track on their kids activities on the site.

This is not all, another reason for parents fears with MySpace is the material posted on MySpace. Your child will be asked to give information about his/her name, town, interests, school, sexual interests and hobbies etc. It is quite possible that your kid would give them complete details about himself/herself.

The story does not end here; another area of parents uneasiness with MySpace comprises inherent dangers in the use of the site. As your kid can post detailed information, it may be sufficient for predator to kidnap the child from home or from his/her frequently visited place. So, you got a genuine reason to have parents uneasiness with MySpace. So, teach your children to never provide with the detailed information about themselves online.

Yet another area of parents uneasiness with MySpace is that at times children do post certain things that they must not; though they do not literally mean them; but they may be taken seriously.

Parents uneasiness with MySpace is also due to the fact that they are aware that their kid may come across sexually explicit information as the site is meant for those above 16 years. Considering parents uneasiness with MySpace is not baseless, it is important to adopt online safety issues.
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