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The Simple Dos and Don'ts of Creating Effective Affiliate Websites

Aug 17, 2007
Ask one thousand people if they'd like to make money around the clock and only the fibber will answer no. The reality is almost everyone could use a little extra money. Earning it around the clock would be icing on the cake. This where the online world can really come in and make fantasy reality. Thanks to affiliate advertising programs, virtually anyone can create a web site that happens to be a money maker. The trick is learning how to create a website around an affiliate ID.

This might sound like a lot of work and too much trouble for the rewards, but the truth is many online affiliate program offers can result in some very big cash for the computer savvy. The idea is to create a website that is fresh, interesting and draws in traffic. Making sure that site is built to serve the affiliate marketing niche, too, can really help. Here are some dos and don'ts for creating a great site that's built up around an affiliate ID:

Study affiliate programs carefully. It is important to understand how each program works and what they offer. Some pay per click affiliate program offers can turn into big payers, but those looking to make a solid affiliate business might desire a combination of programs that offer different payouts.

Pick a niche. Since the name of the game in affiliate marketing is traffic, it's important to have a site fit a certain niche. If your desire is to sign up for affiliate partner program offers that relate to gourmet food, for example, having a site about dogs to display those ads on won't likely work well. Pick a niche for the site and its advertising and let them work together.

Make it relevant. Those who have mastered the ins and outs of how to make money online with affiliate program offers know that their own sites have to be relevant to really pay out. This means content should draw in readers and present something more than keyword-stuffed prose that doesn't make much sense. Readers want articles that give them something for their time. This is usually relevant, accurate information.

Come up with creative ways to convert visits. While it's generally not advised to direct sell products, content can entice. If, for example, all the affiliate ads on a site are for video game machines, write articles that talk about their strengths and consumer draws. If your site is about gourmet cooking, try adding some pictures that make it look too good to pass up.


Don't pick a topic you don't enjoy at least a little. The key in gaining traffic for most web sites is to ensure the sites are updated on a regular basis. If you don't like to write about gourmet food or have no interest in it whatsoever, it can be very difficult to keep a site looking fresh.

Don't hard sell. Your visitors will not appreciate that's designed to hard sell unless of course they have come straight to your site to purchase, but most have not. The majority of the visitors to your pages will come primarily to get more info. It is your job to sell to them without making it too obvious. Enticing is acceptable, but outright selling is typically not.

Don't scatter the focus. It can be tempting to join tons of affiliate programs to increase income flow. While this can work, scattering the focus of a web site can make it difficult to draw traffic and keep content fresh and relevant. Keep the focus at least fairly narrow.

One of the best ways to make money on the Internet is to draw in traffic and choose smart advertising programs. Affiliate marketing is one way that can really pay off, but it is wise to build sites with certain points in mind for maximum results.
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