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Make your Private MySpace Profile Unique

Aug 17, 2007
There are so many private MySpace profiles that it becomes necessary for children to make their profile different and interesting from others. In order to make MySpace profile look good many users especially children load it with video, music, colors, comments, graphics and everything that they see in other profiles. As a result, their private MySpace profile becomes hotchpotch. It is not bad to add all these things but it should be presented in a proper manner.

Ways to Make Your Private MySpace Profile Unique

The Layouts

It is the layout that gives the basic idea to your profile. You can find varieties of themes or layouts in the internet therefore search for the best one for you. Make sure that the layout you select suits your profile.

Add Games and Clocks

There are various clock styles available. It is better to select clocks that have a modern design, classic style and digital. While including the clock on your page make sure that your clock does not block text in any way.

Also, the best and easiest way to brighten up your profile is by putting games in it. Select games that can be changed whenever you want.

Attractive Cursors

Cursors are considered one of the most popular MySpace tools as each and every task is done using it. So select the best cursor for your profile.

Surveys and Little Graphics

Adding interesting surveys and quizzes can make your profile conspicuous.
You can also apply glittering graphics or celebrity pictures to make it look even better.

Navigational Tools or Codes

You can add various html codes to your MySpace profile to change its look. Here you can modify the text display, color scheme and even use some kind of images. You can also change the border codes and styles to make it more appealing.
Quick Tips

You should not prefer layouts with dark colors because if your layout is very dark then all the other designed elements will get lost in the darkness. It is better to choose layout with light colors and fonts that can be read easily.

Remember that your background reflects your personality. The background you choose will either catch the attention of reader or ask him/her to close it. Each and every font should be clear and readable.

So, this was all about how you can make your MySpace unique from others. You get a chance to use your creativity but make sure that you are making it beautiful not obscene.
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