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AdWords Guide - 4 Landing Page Tips To Make Your Visitors Convert To Buyers

Aug 17, 2007
What is landing page?
It is the destination URL that people will land on after clicking on your Google AdWords. Designing your landing page with an understanding of what is likely to work will get you close to optimal performance from the start. When people come to your landing page, most of them are only looking for clues to quickly fill their need. They want to know:

1. Is this the right place that I am looking for?
2. Is this how I imagined it would be?
3. Should I click the back button and find my answer elsewhere ?
4. Does this look reliable?
5. How much time is this going to take?
6. Should I accept this offer?

Understanding what people are going to do is the key to be successful. The primary goal of a good landing page is to make people take a particular action that you want them to take. When a visitor takes that desired action, you got a conversion. If you have a high conversion rate, you will make a lot of money, and your return in investment will increase as well.

Here are few tips to improve your landing pages:

1. Do not overload with unnecessary information
2. Make people feel that they have found the correct page
3. Grab people's focal point
4. Put more information on your landing page if you want to collect people's email
5. Use call-to-action phrase

Do not overload with unnecessary information

Do not give your potential customers too many options in the landing page. Let them do what you want them to do. A good approach is to limit your landing page to one primary action, inducing people to make a purchase or to request information, especially when you are paying for traffic. If it is not tightly focused on forcing people to take a particular action, they are likely to take no action, and your money will burn fast. If you can, remove the navigation bar too.

Make people feel that they have found the correct page

Anyone who comes to your landing page is looking for getting their problems solved from your page. They expect a very specific solution that is relevant to their problems. Place the words they searched for in large and bold text to show them they are in the right location. It is best to point people at a landing page instead of the home page.

Grab people's focal point

Place the most important stuff in the middle of the landing page, and never distract your user from that focal point. Avoid putting other unnecessary material. This will only make your people confuse. Do not place any Google Adsense or other ads that will make people click away. Just remember, if it is interesting and valuable, keep it close to the center and use it to direct people's eye.

Put more information if you want to collect people's email

If you want people to sign up your newsletter, do not expect people to be so excited by your offer that they immediately give you their email. Your landing page should offer a few paragraphs of information, followed by the contact forms. People always want to make sure that your newsletter is what they are looking for.
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