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Aug 17, 2007
You've heard all the stories: Bob quit his job and made millions by selling things on eBay. He's financed a summer home, a new car, and took his wife to Europe for a month. It simply sounds too good to be true, and in some ways, it is. It's not a magic job that will create endless piles of money, but you can run a successful home business using it.

Successfully using eBay as the basis for your home based business all comes down to using the law of supply and demand to your advantage. You want to be sure to always try to sell items that are in demand, but you want to be careful about selling too many of the same or similar items at once. Even though you'll have more auctions, you'll end up with consistently lower bids, which might actually add up to less money!

OK, with that in mind, how do you figure out what to sell, and where do you get it from? Here are some ways of figuring out what's in demand:

- What's popular with children? At the height of the Pokemon craze, for example, anything with those little monsters on it went for big bucks. This is especially important around Christmas time when parents are scrambling to find their kids the toys they want.

- What are the current fashion trends? If you have a closet full of clothes from the seventies, you'll want to hang on to them until that style becomes fashionable again. Sometimes it's better to save items for a later date instead of putting them up for auction right away.

- Historical objects are almost always a good money maker. Do a little research before auctioning them, though. Check to see what movies are coming out or what's going on in historical circles. For example, you might find yourself making more money selling items from the Revolutionary War right after its been the subject of a major movie. Just don't put off selling things hoping for a big price increase.

What do these three tips have in common? All involve studying the market, which is your main duty as an eBay seller. You can sell virtually anything on eBay, and you may want to specialize in one type of item simply because this means you'll only need to follow trends in one niche. By limiting yourself, you may think that you'll be limiting the amount of money you can make. While this is true in a general sense, once you narrow your focus, you'll learn what items will bring in more money and which will be a waste of time, which means you'll actually be making more.

The next and most important question, of course, is where to get your eBay stock. The following are some places to find new auction items:

- Sell off things you no longer use. This will help clean out your attic or garage, too!

- Go to estate sales. Often, especially if you go on the last day of a multi-day sale or the weather is bad, few people will be in attendance. You can often buy several boxes of things for a dollar.

- Likewise, check antique stores. They are often too pricey to be a good source of eBay items, but you may find a hidden treasure.

- Garage sales and flea markets are good alternatives to antique stores. People usually hold a sale or attend a flea market to get rid of clutter, so they usually price things cheaply and don't know how much things are really worth.

- If you know someone living in another country, make a deal with them. Send them some money and ask them to buy cheap items and mail them to you. The advantage here, especially if you are living in the US, is that people can get items from other countries without paying the expensive shipping or dealing with international money orders. This will make your auction much more attractive to bidders.

By understanding the market, knowing what's in demand, and finding a source of good quality but cheap items, you can easily make your home based eBay business flourish. While you might not be able to buy that summer home you want, you can make enough to supplement or even replace your traditional job's income.
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