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Discover That Million Dollar Idea Inside Your Brain!

Aug 17, 2007
Niche research and brainstorming are the two top skills every Internet infopreneur needs. And it is surprising how often you often ignore your own knowledge and expertise - or are completely unaware of it!

In every niche market brainstorming session, I ask a group of clients, friends, or subscribers to take out a sheet of paper and make a list of valuable things they know... things that others will pay them to learn.

9 times out of ten, the answer is almost instant.

"But I Don't Know Anything That Valuable!"

Then, for the next few minutes I explain what we're about to discuss in this section. After a while, their mindset changes and the ideas start flowing.

But don't take my word for it. Try this experiment. Go to someone you know - a friend, spouse, family member, colleague at work, anyone. Ask them the same question - what do they know that's worth cash.

You'll be surprised to hear the same answer coming out of everyone's mouth. And that includes folks whom you admire and respect, wish you could learn to follow, and would gladly pay to learn what they know!

So before going ahead, I want you to repeat this sentence out loud - 3 times. "Everything that happened in my life is worth money."

Now, say it out loud. Three times. Done? Do you believe it? Well, you soon will.

The 20 Minute Exercise

Now, I want you to take a short time-out for 20 minutes and carry out this simple exercise. Get out a paper and pen or pencil. Jot down on it a list of the things you have learned in your life.

You could go about making this list 2 ways.

The first way is to begin from early childhood and follow the course of your life sequentially. The other is to recall the most remarkable events in your life, both good and bad, pleasant and unhappy.

Look at the things you've done, the successes and failures, the ups and downs. Think about how they have impacted the way you are today, and the lessons each has taught you.

Don't worry about how trivial it appears - if it taught you a lesson, one that you benefit from today, make a note of it.

Remember, this may not be easy work. But it will become the cornerstone of your entire infopreneurship career, so don't skimp or cut corners. Identifying your strengths and potential competitive advantages is a crucial step to your success as an infopreneur.

When you've completed this exercise, one thought will stand out in your mind: You Know A Lot

And almost everything you know, someone else wants to know. Or needs to know.

Your life experience teaches meaningful lessons. Your problems and the solutions you adopted to tackle them are valuable to others. Your contacts, connections and network are worth a lot.

But not all of them!

That's one of the biggest traps new infopreneurs fall into. The hear about how easy it is to sell information they have, skip the difficult research, and jump right in to create an information product - based on what THEY think is important.

The lucky ones find out early that this approach won't work. The unfortunate many spend weeks, months, even years flogging a dead horse - before giving up in frustration, wondering what people mean by saying infopreneuring is easy.

Don't make that mistake. Sure, there may be a market for anything you carry in your brain. But as an infopreneur, you want to sort and sift through that vast data bank, and look for the most valuable, most 'in-demand', most profitable information - and then place it in front of the most interested audience.
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Internet infopreneur Gowri Cumba has built many profitable online information resources, and shares powerful tips to help you also build wealth from information resources on the "Internet Infopreneur Tips" blog. Read more infopreneur articles or register for the free ezine - infopre-tips@aweber.com
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