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How To Build Your Network The Right Way...

Aug 17, 2007
Building a massive network is what the business
of Network Marketing is all about. The money is
in your down line. This is where you want the majority
of your money to be coming from because you do not
have to do much for it. All you had to do was
develop leaders. However, the only way you will
find these leaders is by talking to A LOT of
people, and I do mean A LOT because they do not
come around too often. They are a rare bread.
I am not saying that when you do find them they
are going to be leaders out the gate, because,
most likely, they are not; that is why you are there.

You are there to guide them and get them to their
full potential. Show them the ropes, and show them
what they need to do, to be as successful as you.
Take them out prospecting with you, tell them to
come to the weekly briefings to see your teams
presentations, show them how to present the system
your team has set up, give them the personal
development products they need to grow as a person
and as a leader, and find their WHY.

The WHY is critical, not only for your prospects, but
for yourself as well, because every time that they
are feeling lazy and unmotivated you can bring
up their WHY to increase the chances of getting
them back in action.

When talking to your prospects and recruits it is
also important that you avoid talking about your
own personal gains. They can care less about how
your doing, they want to get the ball rolling for
themselves, so show them how they can do that.
Help make them some money. Develop Rapport with
them and have genuine interest in them and their
own personal goals, this way they feel comfortable
with you and as a result, you get in contact with
their referrals. It becomes a win-win situation
for both of you.

Furthermore, when developing your down line it is
important that you focus on quality, rather than
quantity. This is the problem that many people
have; they have the quantity, but they do not have
the quality because they were to busy focusing on
recruiting rather than developing the leaders that
they really needed to grow their business. A lot of
people will have a lot of people in their down line;
however, become confused by the lack of production
going on. This is because they lack quality, and they have
no leaders to duplicate the system for them. Another
important note you should make is that you should
work with the willing and the hungry. Usually you
will find that the people that are the hungriest to
achieve something more in life are the leaders that
will lead your team and duplicate for you.

Moreover, something that I can not stress enough is
FOLLOW UP! It is critical that you follow up with
people. Network Marketing is not the traditional
route to success for most people, so although they
may start the business, most of them still have a
little bit of resistance due to the old programming
they are accustomed to, which is go to school, get
a degree, and get a good job so that you can work
for someone else for the rest of your life and be
miserable waking up every single morning doing it.
Believe me, there will be times when you talk to
someone about the business and they are not too sure
if they want to get started or not, or they say
something like, well, when you start getting results
get back to me. I am telling you now, make sure you do!

The fortune is in the follow up...
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