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Mobile Marketing - The New Wave Of Reaching Out

Aug 17, 2007
Society has changed in the past decade as people are going out more and is always on the run. Reaching to markets has never been more difficult than ever. Surveys have shown that people are engaged in more activities outside of their homes after work. Marketers as well as advertisers are having a hard time reaching out to their target markets.

"Technoprenuers" have taken advantage of the mobile technology premise, which is a necessity for people who are always on the go. They have found ways to target these people by advertising through Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), Bluetooth Messaging, and the Tag Mobile Service (TMS). Among the three wireless mobile marketing tools the latest is the Tag Mobile Service or TMS. Being the most up-to-date, it tweaked the flaws of its predecessor. More often than usual this can be intrusive and annoying to some people who do not wish to receive any promotional or advertising announcements. The two which are the WAP and Bluetooth lacks in presentation though since the advertisements are only limited to Short Messaging Service (SMS) type with only a simple message of some sort. By using a TMS Barcode you can have an interactive experience with the manufacturer or product's website in full color at break neck internet connection right in the palm of your hands.

The technology for TMS originated in Japan just about three or four years ago. Since majority of its population own a mobile cellular camera phone, they have devised a way for the cellular phone to identify an image as a TMS image and to convert it into data. The process for TMS is as follows: a 2D TMS Barcode is printed on a certain object and an interested user takes a picture of the 2D TMS Barcode. The image is then processed to data in a similar manner to how ordinary barcodes are processed. The data is then converted to a website address that instructs the cellular phone to connect via GPRS or EDGE.

The applications for this technology are endless, since you'll just have your barcode be translated into a website address and that's it. TMS Barcodes can be printed together with your calling card, posters, price tags, magazine covers, billboards, and a lot more. It is more convenient to know more about a product through TMS even before buying it. A good application for this is on food and beverages where you can download recipes for which the product is an ingredient of. Have you ever been discouraged of not finding your size to a certain dress style because your size is one of the most salable sizes? You can use TMS to book for you that dress size and style instead of depending on the sales team to order it for you.

As of the moment, the downside for this technology though is when people want to inquire about a particular product they will have to be the one responsible to pay their local telecom service provider the necessary fees that apply to GPRS and EDGE connection. But this problem is just a small aspect considering the market potential of the TMS technology and surely companies will be more than willing to pay on the customer's behalf.
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