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Avoiding Magic Pill Advertising

Aug 17, 2007
You seen them everywhere. Guaranteed hits or visitors for a cheap price. You think to yourself that this would be a great way to get some customers and make a few sales. You believe the sales pitch that is presented to you. So you decide to spend some money on this low cost advertising to boost your business. This seems to good to be true.

This has been one of the major scams to hit anyone trying to start a business online. They prey on any unsuspecting net marketer who is desperate enough to buy into their hype. These professional looking sites will tell you that they use a network of trusted sites to generate traffic, sometimes referring to them as partnering networks. They promise full page views from interested viewers. But, the reality is very different.

When considering this type of promotion, stop. These sites are usually designed for the high pressure sale. A rule of thumb used by Japanese businessmen, "If it requires an immediate answer, then the answer is no." A good tip here is to bookmark the site and come back after a day or so. When you do so, take the time to read it thoroughly. Resist the high pressure sales tactic and think critically about what you are reading.

Ask youself the question,"Is this too good to be true?" If it sounds like it, then it usually is. A good way to check out these sites is to sign up for the Warrior's Forum and check it out. The Forum is free to join. There are also a number os other forums that can help you make your decision. Use the search words "website traffic scam."

THe reality is a little more disturbing: If you decide to purchase any advertising it is always a good idea to check it out. Use a smaller order and take a few precautions. You can pick up a free ads tracker to verify traffic and statistics. If it is a scam site, you will more than likely see the following:

Most of these "visitors" will come from one ip address (it may be listed as "Unknown IP"), say 80+% or so. The remaining few visitors are from people and sites who pay people to look at other sites. These hits are the minority and are usually ineffective. These few visitors are usually paid a cent or two to view your site for 15 seconds or so. True, you may land a sale or two from the pay per view traffic, but not really enough to make any difference.

The majority of the wholesale traffic websites you see are nothing more than scams designed to take your money. Granted there are real and honest traffic sellers out there. To get recommendations check out the forums.

There are also other legitimate and effective means of traffic generation out there that will get you far better results and that is worth the cost. The major difference is that your site will get the much needed REAL visitors and sales that you need to profit online.
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