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Customer Service - How To Get The Customer Facing Employees You Must Have

Aug 17, 2007
That's not to say that great people cannot come from those employees you already have - of course they can, if they have the potential and great support to develop.

Of course they can. If you have the time and focus that all good managers should have. This can be time-consuming and self-defeating, as you spend more and more time with those who are least productive trying to make that silk purse!

So there is another way, especially when you are starting out or growing and need to build your employee numbers.

You see, it's just that to get the very best people, you are sometimes best off introducing them from your recruitment efforts.

By being very clear to yourself and/or your recruiting team just what sort of person you want and how they will show up.

So that you know that you've got exactly who you want for that brilliant customer interaction that is going to make the difference in your business going forward.

Now there are many capabilities required in running any business. Some roles require attention to detail; some flexibility. Some require great skills in relationship building with colleagues.

And then others need the ability to extract the most value from every one of your customers or clients. Your customer facing people.

And for these, it's not possible to make them out of just anybody - they have to be great 'people' people, be wonderful at building relationships super-fast, and capable of generating memorably compelling interactions with others that will last.

Truth is, these people stand out when they come to you for interview. Yet they often get dismissed because, to be frank, they can grate a bit.

You see, what's typical about these people is that they are so outgoing that they can, well, to be honest, they can get on your nerves.

And to be honest, that's their strength.

They are a friend to you in seconds. They behave like the neighbor from over your garden fence and that can get in the way of an objective assessment of suitability.

Get over it! These people are wacky, creative, noisy and amazing! They might not be quite your personal cup of tea.

So, it's time to get over your own personal feelings and ensure that you get the right people, in the right places for the business you run.

Look out for people you already have on your team and reposition them. Pick up great ambassadors as you recruit. Take a chance; risk someone.

You will not regret it.
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(c) 2007 Coaching Businesses To Success. Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, Coaching Businesses To Success.
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