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Spring Clean Your Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
Planning to clean you home? Spring time around hence spring cleaning can sometimes seem to be very irritable, particularly if it has been ignored throughout the year. Doing household chores as a daily routine is easier and comfortable, but very tedious if postponed.

Spring is generally the time when you open out the windows and clear the dust and it is also a time to clean up after the winter. Your home office may not need to be literally dusted, but still the springtime is an excellent time to streamline all the old procedures and set it into proper working order or even make sure all the office equipment are in good working condition.

A clean and organized work area increases productivity so dont get boggled by thinking about it, as it is much easier than you think. If you follow some simple tips then this spring-cleaning can get your home office update underway.

Expert organizers feel that it is essential to have an organized workspace such as a separate place for storing and conducting the home office even if it is a small closet or a corner of your bedroom. Hence, before you set up a home office or organize an existing one you should think about the function of each space and then plan accordingly.

Reduce your paper overload- Before you start this job take a deep breath and relax and then tackle your files with bills, records, cards, invoices or any paper covering your work table. Yes, it is important and necessary to keep all the financial records in place, but just look into the cover and then throw away the pages that you have cleared or which you find unnecessary.

Then unfold all the remaining papers and group them chronologically as this makes it very easy to find when you need them. To further organize arrange it in the form of compartments. Make separate folders for each bill according to the credit cards, payments, bank statements etc.

Work surfaces- Try taking out everything from your work desk and then try moving your fax machine off the stand and clean it up with a cleaning solution. Once your work desk is cleared, dust the pencil cups as well as the books and all other doodads, which you always keep over your books. Always use compressed air to clean your computer keypads so as to remove the dust that collects in-between the keys.

Set your layout- Once the cleaning is done, it is time for placing the things in the right order. If your workplace looks boring, it is time to add some color and spice. You can add some small bulletin boards or just rearrange the tables or add some painting and posters to color up your room. You can even add some life by having some plants around as it soothes the nerves and relaxes a person.

Setting your virtual desktop- There is unlimited cleaning to be done on your desktop. So take time out and organize the folders in your computer. Create files for each project as per their needs and then arrange them accordingly, so that it is easily accessible as per need. It is tedious, but once done it would save your time and you will have an uncluttered screen as well as computer.
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