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The How-TOs of Home Office Organizing

Aug 17, 2007
A key ingredient for guaranteeing productivity when an individual works from home is maintaining a home office space in an organized manner. But how should one organize the home office? May it be, the unpredictable method the individual is following, or any other method, none of these methods are effective when one tries to organize the home office. As an alternative, experts propose some simple methods for controlling the clutter, so that you can be most beneficial.

Where to Begin

Start on a smaller scale; dedicate about thirty minutes every day to start organizing the home office. Start with the desk and the stack of papers on it. Put together three piles, one containing papers that are important you have to keep, another containing papers you may not need and are unsure about throwing it away, and the third one with papers that can be thrown away.

Shred or throw away papers you may not need. Make a file in the box or the filing cabinet for putting papers you are unsure of. Take care that the box does not turn into a trashcan or a recycle bin, or else you will end up increasing work.

Take the papers that you have to keep and browse them, file all possible documents and papers that are related to projects in hand the ones that are easily accessible should be filed so that they are handy whenever needed. By sparing some minutes every day just for this activity, it becomes simple to manage the home office, and increase productivity.

The next stage in arranging the home office is cleaning out and organizing the desk drawers. Put extra office supplies on a shelf or in a cupboard so it is easier to find them. Get some desk dividers for keeping track of all the loose paperclips, and other little knick-knacks that you use everyday. Instead of buying desk dividers, you can use shallow boxes like the little gift boxes left over from Christmas or the ones your checks come in. if you have many small boxes, arrange them on the desk drawer to put in things you frequently need. This would not only help you in staying focused but would also increase productivity.

The Final Step

Since a part of learning to maintain and organize the home office is doing away with all the clutter, it can be a distractingly lengthy process. The final step would be making space so that everything else can be organized. Start small. You need not buy all kinds of fancy and expensive storage containers. Select a set of shelves and make three sections; put important things in one, things you are unsure of in second and things you can throw away in the third. Label the containers and store them away accordingly. Remember, containers are not a solution for organizing the home office. As an alternative, you can save money by collecting boxes with lids, use second-hand storage containers.
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