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Limiting Work Distractions at Your Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
In the current world, it is not an uncommon sight to see many sales people working from home. At first this may seem like an easy opportunity, however, later it creates unique challenges, and one of the biggest obstacles is the number of distractions. These distractions can divert your from your work focus and thus prevent you from achieving your targets.

Generally, when you work from home you easily get distracted, especially if the work you are doing does not thrill you; particularly like cold calling or prospecting. Watering the plants or even doing laundry as well as running errands can be sometimes a welcome change from the boring daily drudgery of convincing customers. And then to top it all, if you have young children the number of distractions can increase dramatically.

Working from home has to deal with lot of challenges but there are few tips to keep all this at bay and increase your productivity.

Create an office space- Generally when you work from home, you work in the hall or your bedroom of even your dining table and this puts you in the middle of all the household action. These actions distract you from your work and hence it is difficult to focus only on work. So create an office space where you will be least disturbed and if you dont have enough space just identify a spot where there is less traffic and prospects for distractions.

Allot specific business hours- If you have young children then its really important to allot some specific hours for your work, as it can be very difficult for the children to understand, that they are not supposed to disturb you while working. It is too irritating when you are on important calls with your family members hovering over you. So by allotting time you can concentrate on your work.

Make a To Do list everyday- By having a detailed daily list for you to accomplish everyday, you can remain focused. If you know your target then you really get the zeal to work and accomplish it. Household chores are much more enjoyable than making cold calls or working on something really boring, so by making a list you can focus on your work much better and the desire to do something else also fades out.

Set your daily deadline for your projects- Although there is no one bossing over you while working at home and usually this approach distracts you and keeps you away from your track. Hence, set dead lines with others to help keep yourself focused especially if the accountability helps you.

Give yourself some breaks- It is really fine if you take some time out for yourself while working from home, as long as it is not a regular occurrence. You dont have to worry and stress out too much. However if your relaxation period overtakes the work schedule, then you need to reconsider. As long as it is under control it is quite an energy booster.

Share your goals with advisors- Accountability generally works well with most of the people because they know that they have to report their progress to someone and then this keeps them going.
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