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Easy Steps to an Organized Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
With the rise in the Work from Home concept, people have become more conscious about organizing the workstation. The essence of being successful at home office is to utilize the space properly and increase the concentration power. In order to organize your home office, you need to define your work place, no matter in which corner of house you work. Try to keep all distractions at bay and keep office-related items in one place, so that you can create an effective home office. Arranging things properly can easily save your time that usually gets wasted in searching for necessary things.

You can arrange your home office with basic tools required in a large office set up. But for this you need a lot of space, office supplies, calendar, cabinets, phone connections, wastebaskets, an answering machine and a computer. However, you can organize your home office easily by organizing five main things, namely, email, voice mail, verbal requests, paper file and your own ideas. A well-organized office helps create a pleasant day.

The following steps will help you organize your home office:

. Use desk to hold files: In order to keep your work place organized you need to use a desk to hold your files, pens, papers and calculators. If you are using your dining room table as your home office, then you can arrange office-related things in one place. Many times scattered things drive people crazy because they often tend to forget where they have kept certain important paper. If that is the case with you, consider moving your office files and papers to a central location. Keeping it near your computer will be the best option, provided that is the place where you generally get most of your work done.

. Separate your personal files and papers from your office related things: Separating your personal files, magazines, kids notebooks from your business files and papers will help you manage your home office in a better way. Try to keep all your non-office things outside your home office space.

. Make a file system: Develop a file system that can help you in your home office. Analyze the best way that will enable you find important papers. Then depending upon your own convenience you can create a file system to work for you.

. Have a look at your work station: Take a look at your work station and check if you have piles of papers, mail, files and floppy discs or CDs scattered around. If yes, then arrange them separately and put aside all other unnecessary things.

. Keep a few minutes at the end of work: Once you organize your office neatly, keep a few minutes aside daily to keep it like that. Always arrange your workspace after completing your work. It will help you prevent from facing an all-messed up workstation.

. Give a personal touch: By bringing pictures of your kid, plants or inspirational quotes you can add a personal touch to your office. It helps to make your office look pleasant. Besides you can incorporate a different corporate decor to it, so that it looks like a proper office and not merely another part of your house.
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