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Designing Your Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
With the advent of new technologies and innovative way of doing business, the home-based and telecommuting business population is continuously rising. The membership in this category basically comprises of not only the empty nesters that have established work histories and leveraging requests for telecommuting privileges, but also the Techno-Nerds segment. These are a group of young professionals possessing knowledge of the advanced technology who either sell or telecommunicate their moneymaking skills on a consulting basis.

Whether you are planning a business from home or are going to revamp your home office, certain factors will determine how happy you would be in these surroundings. With more and more people taking advantage of open home businesses and telecommuting, there has been a considerable rise in home offices. Designing a home office is not only easy, but requires minimal efforts.

Following are certain steps you can follow to design the perfect home office.

Choose the room

Choose a room that would become the office. It is usually very helpful to opt for a separate area in the room to make sure that the area is peaceful and free of all interruptions. The room should be big enough so that you dont feel cramped up and can operate business effectively. It should also have sufficient telephone jacks, lighting and power outlets. Some houses only have one room to spare for home office use.


Designing a home office is a personal decision as every person has varied preferences. Simple home office set ups are said to function much better. An office desk with space for setting up a computer would be a good initiative. When you select a place for the computer, keep in mind the distance of the Internet connection and power outlets. The desk can also have space for paper files, doing away for the need for a separate cabinet. It should be big enough to fit the computer setup and any kind of work. However make sure that the table is not too big, that it occupies a major portion of the room.

A comfortable office chair is also essential. Make sure the chair is comfortable enough so that it can be used for hours at a stretch. Place a roller mat beneath the chair to protect the flooring below.

Shelving units or bookshelves are often useful when offices require books or reference materials. As per the needs of the office, small wall-mounted bookshelves or large shelving units or can be used. To avoid cluttering, it would be a good idea to lessen the number of books in office and keep only those books, which are required; you can store the remaining somewhere else. This helps in making the office look more organized.

Custom designing a home office

After selecting the room and furniture, designing the perfect home office can be a personalized effort. You can put in extra chairs that be can come handy to create a client seating area if you have someone visiting. You could also install videoconferencing equipment if needed. Separate phone lines or Internet connections can be installed where needed.
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