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New On The Job

Aug 17, 2007
So, you have either landed your very first job right out of college or you have just transferred to a new position in another company. As a newbie in the office you are well aware that all eyes will be on you and your every action. Every newbie would want to make a good impression not only with their superiors but even with their colleagues as well.

It is but natural for those who are new at the job to have the drive and the enthusiasm to make a good impression. This attitude is very much what every employee should have in the workplace but as a newcomer it is of importance that you take things slow for the moment as you try to observe and get yourself acquainted in your new environment. You may be an expert when it comes to your field but it is imperative that you get yourself familiarized as well as accustomed to how things work out in this particular organization for it is different between different companies. Get yourself to know the company's policies, systems, structure and most importantly the company's culture.

Your image is very much important and so it is essential to bear in mind not to ruin the good impression you may have made with your bosses. All your actions should be thought through so as to avoid making big mistakes while you are still new. Always think about the pros and cons in every situation as well as the trivial matters that you may encounter in your company before complaining or taking certain actions that may turn out to be detrimental to your career. It is vital that you need to project yourself as a reliable and efficient worker; that you are an asset to the organization.

Know the company that you are working for. Learn about the company by reading on its history, its products and services, etc. You are working there and it is crucial that you have a background on the organization to show to your bosses and your colleagues that you have some knowledge and idea on what the company is there for and its stand in its industry.

Try to get a feel of your new working environment first before trying to stand out so as not to alert competition and to make your colleagues at ease with you. Understand the corporate values and culture and make an effort to blend in comfortably. Take your time to shine and just do your job well and efficiently.

Know your job inside and out. Do it effectively and efficiently and in no time you'll be finding it much easier to advance in your career.
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