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Work at Home: Market Your Business Online

Aug 17, 2007
Marketing is the key to the success of a work at home business. Without marketing no body even knows that a business exists. This is especially true of an internet business that does not have the street presence of most offline businesses. Marketing though is not easy, nor is it as hard as some might believe. What makes marketing particularly challenging is the competition which one comes across, as the home based business attempts to identify a place for itself in the marketing community. What can make the work at home business particularly challenging is that the internet is open to everyone all over the world and therefore any online business is not readily identifiable. What makes internet marketing easier is that their are a number of ways of marketing on the internet, without much cost being involved. However to ensure that marketing is easy compared to being challenging it is important to know the tricks of the trade and how to apply them correctly.

Being noticed is the key to marketing. Marketing has to lead to customers recognising that the business exists and that it provides a good customer based service. To be noticed it is frequently crucial to become unique. It helps enormously to have a product that is rare. The problem with this though is that if it is a good idea the chances are that there are competitors in the market already making a profit on the rare product. So, this means that there has to be something unique about the business process itself. This may be the website, the way that business is carried on, or the added distinctive of the product itself. A marketer has to be sure that they can easily say that they have something no one else can offer, and that when they say this, they actually mean it. If the marketer can do this then they are truly headed in the right direction of success. This uniqueness is frequently referred to as the unique selling proposition or ups.

Market Market Market

Although it is the product being marketed the important thing often is not how the product is sold but how the seller sells themself. It is important for the marketer to rely on him or herself and do their own research, and figure out where they can best market their products. For the beginner just starting out, a good thing to do is to search online for their product or service, and see what comes up. See what competition is present, and then figure out how they are doing to market themselves. Creativity in marketing oneself is vital. Creativity may very well be the single most important factor, which enables the business to be set apart from all of the others that follow a more conventional path. This will involve researching the market and seeing what could be done differently and better. To know customers and to understand what they are actually wanting and then develop the means by which their needs and wants can be satisfied.

Finally on the internet there are a number of ways to make a product known. This could be through advertising, free advertising exists but this often involves a lot of work and the results tend to be minimal. Paid advertising through search engines, such as Google ad words, and also through other websites especially set up for advertising. Perhaps the best way to market is what is sometimes referred to as "bum marketing" or article writing.
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