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Is Medical Transcription the Work at Home Job for You?

Aug 17, 2007
Medical transcription is a tough job, but it is one of the best work at home jobs out there. You often have a schedule that you can set yourself and the demand for workers is quite good. With the Internet it has become easier to find work of this sort no matter where you live.

But it is definitely not for everyone. The work is demanding. Your skills have to be excellent. You need to think things over even before you get started. And the place to start is looking over your own skills.

How's your vocabulary? When you train as a medical transcriptionist it will need to get bigger, and fast. Add to this the need for near-perfect grammar and spelling. Mistakes in these areas are not acceptable in medical transcription.

How fast do you type? Are you accurate? You will want to start out being able to type at least 45 words per minute accurately, and the faster you can type, the better. Your transcription speed will be slower than your typing speed, especially as you get started. If you can't type quickly to begin with, you will have a lot of trouble earning a good living.

Can you dedicate yourself to learning the skills you need? You need to get training in medical transcription and you have to be committed to doing well in your studies. In addition, new drugs come along regularly and you have to be ready to continue absorbing new information throughout your medical transcription career.

There's one skill that some people pick up easily and others struggle with. That's the ability too type what you hear accurately. This is not an easy skill, and it's one of the most important ones you learn by studying medical transcription through a reputable program. Learning the terminology isn't that hard. Learning to transcribe can be very hard.

Can you work without supervision? When you work at home, self motivation is one of your most vital skills. It can be really hard to get going on your work every day, but if you don't work you don't earn money. You don't have a supervisor noticing quickly when you aren't working your scheduled shift (although if you aren't working, someone will notice eventually). You need to be able to work when you've agreed to work, and be productive.

With all these requirements, it is very important that you choose the right training program. For people who want to work at home I always recommend home-based training. While some people may learn better in a classroom situation, taking a course from home most closely simulates what you will be doing when you work. It allows you to get used to setting your work schedule and working without someone right there to help you.

Whatever you do, take a good look before you decide that you want to get medical transcription training. You can waste a lot of time if the skills you need before training as a transcriptionist aren't there yet. But if this field interests you, they are skills you should be able to pick up relatively easily.
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