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Drop Shipping - Sell High and then Buy Low

Aug 17, 2007
Drop Shipping is a method for buying wholesale products and re-selling them online or off-line for a profit.

It is one of the greatest businesses to operate from home. And is an easy and affordable way to launch a profitable online business due to the extremely low start-up costs.

I have personally made more money marketing wholesale products online than any other business venture I have been involved in.

You will find that drop shipping is becoming more and more common as product vendors and home-based businesses look to the internet to find reliable suppliers. The best part of drop shipping is that you dont have to pre-buy products, maintain them in inventory until sold, and then ship them to your customer.

As with any business, you need to negotiate the best deal you can with your wholesale drop ship supplier. And, I recommend that you focus on selling brand name merchandise until you become more comfortable with your ability to market a wider range of products. Its easy to experiment once you are making a profit!

Also, I recommend that you stay away from promoting large, heavy products as shipping costs may be prohibitive. And keep in mind that your product sales will depend on whether there is enough demand for that product. There are a number of easy and free methods to research market demands online.

As you can imagine, the idea of drop shipping fits in well with online auctions such as eBay where you can acquire a large volume of traffic very quickly. All you have to do is make your ad unique so that it stands out from the rest and offer an attractive price in order to be successful.

The key advantage of drop shipping is simple, zero inventory costs, quick to set up a business, and lastly you can market a wide range of products with no additional risk to increase your profits.

All you need to do is concentrate on developing your business and using eBay's traffic to help you make money. This is truly a simple business formula.

In order to create additional streams of income you may want to consider several other creative opportunities to market your products. You can sell your drop shippers merchandise on the internet, use other auction sites, schedule home parties, create and distribute your own catalog, put flyers up at local markets or on public bulletin boards, or sell at flea markets.

And the best part is you do not have to buy anything until after the products is sold. Simply take the order and let your drop shipper deliver the product to your customer. It does not get any easier than that.

In closing, there are many factors to consider to when determining whether drop shipping is right for you and you should make the effort to research and select the right drop shipper to partner with. This will help to insure your success and provide you a more pleasurable business experience.

To Your Drop Shipping Success!
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Rick Calligaris specializes in Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and various Traffic solutions. He is an expert in Process Automation and focusses on creating auto-pilot businesses with minimal effort. Learn more at: Wholesale Drop Shipping Resource
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