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5 Ways To Make Traffic Exchanges Work For You

Aug 17, 2007
Many people think of traffic exchanges as non qualified traffic that you have to sit in front of your computer several hours a day to get. Of course this is not true. You can buy credits and get traffic without ever lifting a finger to get it.

If you do not have any money to buy credits you can join the affiliate program most of them offer and earn credits enrolling new members.

Regardless of how you earn your traffic credits the key to making traffic exchanges work is the web pages you advertise. Here is the most effective way to do it today.

1. Think about this. You may or may not be surfing to earn credits, but there are people who are looking at ads all day long and if you want to get their attention you need to do it quickly. So you need to design a web page that will capture their attention.

2. Landing pages are the best way to capture their attention. Don't just advertise your website or affiliate sales pages. Everyone is doing that. By creating a landing page you get to be unique and can concentrate on features and benefits to put on your page.

3. Capture names and email addresses first. This is really a goal in all of your advertising. The more you get in tune with this type of thinking the more professional your landing page will become.

4. Think of your landing page as a squeeze page. By combining a landing page with a lead capture form you are utilizing traffic exchanges to the fullest. To get people to fill out the form offer a free report or something that would make them want to give you their contact information. Again try and think in terms of what the person viewing your offer is thinking.

5. Do not run one ad and stop. Create multiple versions of each ad with different titles and descriptions. Check which ones are drawing the most attention and then create more versions of those. One of the ways to make traffic exchanges work for you is to create a lot of effective ads.

One nice thing about traffic exchanges is how they become easy to manage once you have your campaign in place. This is a very hands off form of advertising that is always working for you. It will take a little bit of time, and maybe a little money to get the ball rolling, but once you do they are a great source for fresh traffic on an ongoing basis.
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