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FFA Link Pages Scams Can Hurt

Aug 17, 2007
At one point in time, ffa pages and link farms used to be considered one of the most important advertising methods around. It was considered a "must have" for any website to exist and thrive on the Net.

A big part of this stemmed from the fact that the search engines ranked sites based on the number of back links that it had. Obviously, the more links the site had, the better. The number of link farms grew fast. But, after a while, the search engines got wise to the fact that many of these links were useless and began to ignore them. Even more to the point, they began to penalize those websites that were even being listed.

This particular scam still exists today because many people still believe the hype these sites put out. The victims in these scams believe that the more links they have the more likely someone will click on their link and the more traffic they will get from it. They further reason that the more traffic they get, the more likely they will make sales.

In truth, the only people that really benefit from ffa pages and link farms are the people running them. How? you may wonder. It actually comes from two sources: the first is that by submitting to a link page, you are giving the owner the right to e-mail you with their offer in the form of a "confirmation e-mail."

If you submit to a link page service, you will get more of these "confirmations" one from each link page owner that is a member of that particular service. Why? Because you submitted to their link page.
Although they may say they don't do it, another way for these individual owners to profit is by selling your e-mail address to bulk e-mail companies.

But, there is another point to be made regrding this type of advertising. Most link pages only have room for 60 - 120 links in each category they list. The question comes to mind, just how long is your link actually displayed on the link pages you submit to? The answer is even more disturbing: not very long. In some cases, your submitted link is gone before the confirmation e-mail arrives in your box.

The chances of anyone actually seeing it? Slim to none. Think of it in these terms, if a link submission site has hundreds or thousands of members each submitting daily, then none of the links submitted spend more than a few seconds on the link page. Anyone actually gaining traffic from this form of advertising is getting it by the luck of the draw or by paying for their link to be placed on the link page (or network) for a monthly fee.

The moral to this is simple, link pages and link farms don't really help you, the Internet Marketer, at all. You are likely to be penalized by the search engines for even promoting to them. Take time to investigate any service that claims you will get thousands of daily visits. You will save yourself and your online business from needless trouble if you do.
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