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Choosing Good Employees For Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
No matter what kind of business you have, hiring the right people is the key to making it successful. You need good employees and if you start out with the right group of people, your business will become successful much quicker than if you have to go through a process of hiring and firing people because they just are not the right people to meet your needs.

One o the mistakes you want to avoid is hiring your friends and relatives just because they expect it. Certainly, if they are qualified to do the job, there is no reason not to hire them as long as you are capable of separating business relationships from personal relationships. In other words, there must be an understanding that they will be treated no differently at work than any other employee and that you will not make any special allowances.

If you fail to do that, you are setting yourself up for controversy from your friends and relatives because you do not treat them differently from your other employees. Most new business owners do not have a clue about hiring people to work for them, so you may have to consider getting some college credits on human resource education and tactics, choosing good employees or similar subjects. If you are not comfortable with the idea of hiring staff members, you might enlist the services of a recruitment firm to at least help you get some prospects into prospective.

It is important to remember that the agencies are not free, so you may not have the funding that is necessary to enlist their assistance. However, the state employment service is free and there is an office in every state and county within that state. You will learn by your mistakes but you also want to make sure to make those minimal by learning the right questions to ask and making it a point to check previous references. Do nt trust your gut or instincts, because they are not always correct.

When you hire people to help you with your business, do not hire them because they looked nice or talked nice but combine all of the qualities into forming a profile of each person you interviewed. At the same time, do not look past the person who comes to the interview dirty and unkempt because unless he or she is coming directly from another job, this is an indication of what to expect from that person.

Also, if someone is late for an interview with no valid excuse, it may be an indication of a poor record of punctuality. Even the person who came from another job unkempt must not be taken at face value. Consider whether they left the job in enough time to clean up or whether you could have scheduled the interview a little later. The first impression is the lasting one, so keep in mind your first impression when you make your choice.
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